Lamaze Classes-Testimonials

We got great confidence and inspiration from the BV Lamaze classes. Everything we learnt was new information for us. 

Maheshwari Anu Mohan
All the parts were enjoyable. Particularly the one where we learnt about positions, comfort measures etc which involved the husband too were very enjoyable and comforting. I've been to a prenatal course during my first pregnancy.But most of the info I learnt in the Lamaze classes was not there. So I will definitely recommend classes here also because of the lovely instructors.

Lakshmi Shree Ravi
More informative.The class is very interactive and gives support and confidence to childbirth. The view about childbirth and labor is changing after class. I feel all pregnant women should get this info and get birth in the birth centre rather than a hospital

Divya Janakar
The Lamaze classes is a very good opportunity to know evidence-based information around pregnancy, birth and postnatal care for baby and mother. It dispels a lot of misinformation that the society shores on us. Gives you a very realistic expectation of what each stage of labor will be like. Without bombarding too much of information. Lamaze classes are the best way to prepare an expecting couple for the birth of their baby.

Padmapriya Srinivasan
Lamaze class is the most important stage of birthvillage which moulds the parent-to-be from perplexed to confident individuals. The class gives perfect insight on different strategies, stages and understanding on natural birthing. Along with the workout classes, birthvillage makes it possible for a perfect platform for natural birthing. We are glad we chose Birthvillage.

Reshmi and Anil

- Reshmi S Nair
In one word, I would say this Lamaze class is"Empowerment". The topics covered in this class really build the confidence of both the mom and dad to be. This class will prepare the couple to enjoy the pregnancy period rather than panicking. It really helped us to face the childbirth with courage.Thanks, Priyanka and Dona for all the tips shared in the class. I'm so happy to be part of the class and definitely recommend this to every pregnant woman.

- Rajalekshmy Anand
Principal Technical Consultant.
Wipro Technologies
It's a must class for anyone who ispregnant especially the ones who are pregnant for the first time. It brought in a great change in me and my husband about the beautiful journey of pregnancy. It has changed me a lot in my thought process, attitude and it's a great feeling. It makes you take decisions based on facts rather than the traditional ones.

-Preetha J
The classes were Very good, informative, confidence booster. As we progressed through the classes, My partner is more involved in the pregnancy and related care. Also, I feel I don't need anybody else's help at the time of delivery except for the doctor and nurse if he is there with me. This was not the case in my 1st pregnancy, this time I feel more empowered

​Priyanka, you are truly the best in this. Hats off to you & your team for taking the initiative to educate the women in kerala about child birthing. Am sure everyone who has been with you has a great experience to share.

​What to say about Ms. Priyanka Idicula… I have interacted with her with regards to the birth, her stories are so inspiring and she makes me feel that giving birth is not painful but you can live the whole moment in ectascy . I am still single, but I have decided that when I become pregnant I will surely come to her and to give birth in a different with passion.

​"Classes were an eye openerwith reference to many aspects related to pregnancy . Your breast feeding classes have definitely been a driving force for me to encourage my baby to breast feed despite difficulty intitally. Loved the Exercise sessions , especially the belly dance sessions"

- Ritu Mohan Chandran
Prasanth Rajan Frigstad
Offshore Engineering at Singapore
​"A great surprise! After shopping around, talking with midwives, I took the chance of coming to b!rthvillage, without knowing what to expect, and found just what I needed."

Priyanka's Lamaze class was really informative. The expectant parents will definitely obtain deep knowledge about pregnancy and delivery. She taught us the pain management and breathing techniques during labor. The diets that she prescribes are really safe for the baby and mother. The labor positions and stretching exercises helped me a lot. She will be totally free so that you could ask any doubts and moreover she is extremely sincere to her job. I was 100% satisfied in my class.

​I knew very little about childbirthand after attending the Lamaze sessions I feel more confident, responsible and relaxed about birth. The facts and myths about birth experiences shared in class surprised me. I am glad I learned about childbirth, labor, and medical interventions etc.

-Ramya Vadivel
​I would recommend this course to others as ‘its’ very important to get oneself informed regarding birth and other aspects related to it. The interaction and the freedom to ask any kind of doubts were very helpful. I am glad that I made the right choice to attend the Lamaze session as I feel more confident and positive about my upcoming birth.

-Nazila Muhamed Nizar
​When the class started, I felt I knew everything. Later on, listening to the normal birth experiences that happened in Birthvillage actually surprised me. I am glad I attended the Lamaze session as it helped to improve my food habits and made me more confident. Now I can handle the attitude about my upcoming birth and will definitely recommend the Lamaze class to first time expectant moms.

-Nayana Rachel Simon
Software Engineer.