Birth for Change
(Reg. No 104/111/2012)

Birth for Change (Reg. No 104/111/2012) is a Social responsibility undertaking by Birthvillage - The Natural Birthing Center, created in 2012. We are a Non Profit Organization and our mission is to bring compassionate, midwifery care to marginalized women.

Our trust goals include but are not limited to:

To educate and integrate unwed mothers into society through pregnancy education, birth preparation, prenatal yoga and exercise classes to create options for connected pregnancy and beyond.

To work in conjunction with current functioning government bodies in maternal and child health. To facilitate the government schemes to the deserving beneficiaries.

To educate and facilitate local nurses and midwives in women centered care through both local and foreign models of women’s health care, and to bring in international trainers and speakers as volunteers to help further the objectives of the trust.

To provide a resource library of books and educational movies for expectant parents.

To start an International school of Midwifery based on the Midwifery Model of Care.

Tejus Home

Birth for Change first main project “Tejus Home” was established as a partnership between the NGO Dil Se, and recognized by the Child Welfare Committee, Ernakulum, Kerala. Tejus Home is a caring environment where pregnant, unmarried teenagers, and teenage mothers and their babies are given a safe and nurturing place to live. Most of these girls are pregnant because of violence; they range in ages from 13-18 years old. In most cases their families have sold them out, abandoned them, forced them into child marriages, they literally have nowhere else to turn. Tejus Home provides shelter, food, clothes, education, life-skills, counseling, career training, self-defense, and CSA (child sexual abuse) awareness programs. On a case-by-case basis, we follow-up on court orders regarding the sentencing of the child abusers.

Birth for Change provides all maternal health care for the girls of Tejus Home free of cost. It is your donations that keep the program sustainable! These girls and their baby’s need your love and support. Please contact us today to find out how you can help!

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