Our Team

Our experienced team of globally accredited midwives, qualified nurses, certified childbirth educators, and admin staff work together to provide respectful, women centered holistic midwifery care. Our model is 'Continuity of Care'; which means you will work one-on-one with our certified midwives. There won’t be any strangers at your birth but rather professionals, who would be acquainted considerably with you

Priyanka Idicula

Co-Founder, Director,
Certified Professional Midwife (USA), FACCE, LCCE, M.Sc

A Certified Professional Midwife (U.S.A.) and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, trained extensively in prenatal and postnatal care and child birth education...

Red Miller

(Co-Founder, Director,
Certified Professional Midwife)

A clinical midwife who has been passionately supporting women and families throughout pregnancy, birth and parenting for nearly ten years...

Donna Mitchell

(Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC), B.M.Sc, Health & Wellness Coach)

Our primary senior midwife (Birth for Change), who has the same vision of offering humane and woman centered maternity options for women in India...

Smija Joshy : A young mother of two, Smija has been working with Birthvillage since 2011, she is admin in charge and is the cheerful face behind all reception duties at the birth center. One of our oldest employees, she is very dedicated to make your time at Birthvillage as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Subhadra: Works as an assistant to Smija in the administration department. She scores big points for her honesty and simplicity.

Usha Chechi& Sudha Chechi: head our housekeeping and are the cleaning task force, working tirelessly in keeping our center neat and clean- 24x7 - 365 days a year.

Ginju Samlal ( PG in Business Administration) Relationship Manager

Ginju is the warm and cheerful face or voice on the phone - that is often the first point of contact at Birthvillage. Handling all aspects of customer service, this is one lady who is lauded by our prior clients for her exceptional standards of service. The face of Birthvillage that everyone gets in touch with, without a moment’s hesitation.

Bincy ( BSc Nursing)

Our resident Nurse, Bincy - a mother of three - works with total dedication, tirelessly, to provide round the clock support to the newborns and mums who have just given birth, while they are at Birthvillage. She also performs all the postpartum, house visits for the babies and mother; providing much-needed lactation and breastfeeding support throughout this time. In addition, she handles all our lab requirements - drawing up all the bloodwork, and following up on tests. Her warm manner and expert support is the mainstay of many mums, and dads immediately after birth.

Rema Mohan

Prenatal and Postnatal Masseuse

Affectionately referred to as Rema ‘Çhechi’ (big sister) by the Birthvillage team and clients alike, she is one of the strongest elements on our postpartum team. Drawing from years of indigenous experience and expertise, Rema Chechi provides the first gentle postpartum bath at Birthvillage before the mother and baby leave us after the birth. Following this, she also performs the traditional postnatal massage for the duration of the client’s choice. In this capacity she uses indigenous and traditional herbal preparations, oils and bath formulations, with a supportive presence and compassionate care -  to ensure a deep healing and rejuvenation to the new mother, supporting her body in its recovery of strength, nourishment and emotional wellbeing in the immediate weeks and months after the birth. Rema Chechi also performs prenatal massages that help primarily with prenatal aches and pains, nourish the mom-to-be emotionally and relax her body, in preparation for birth.

Reba Daniel

Reba is a journalist by profession, former Editor of The Health Cafe, who handles Communications, PR and Social media as part of the Birth Village team. She connected to the power of natural birth after having a homebirth in 2008. For many years, Reba has been working in the area of natural birth, raising awareness to evidence-based practices and facts about childbirth, while simultaneously training and experiencing somatic practices that help women to get more in tune with their intuition, strengthening their voices. As a journalist, her area of expertise is in Natural Health and wellbeing. Since 2006 she researches and practices allied areas like alternative education, unschooling, chemical-free living, traditional nutrition and food practices, body detox and rejuvenation, and gentle parenting.