1 on 1

Our services are based on the international Midwifery Model of Care guidelines. Prenatal care, labour and birth follow the principles of one on one, continuous care with respect, dignity and informed consent as core values.

10 Years

We’ve crossed a decade of providing safe, evidence based, respectful, personalized care for more than 1000 healthy mothers and babies.Our services of birth education, midwifery care in pregnancy, labour, birth and post partum have stood the test of time.

Skilled & Competent

Our midwives are trained, and licensed to practice modern midwifery for low risk, healthy mothers and babies. Our care is based on the Western medical midwifery model, and we currently incorporate integrative medicine, modern medicine, homeopathy and Ayurveda.

India’s first

Having started our work in 2008, Birthvillage is one of India’s pioneering birth centres to offer this model of holistic childbirth – with birth education classes and midwifery, as well as individualized personal postpartum support working hand in hand.