History Of Birthvillage

Birthvillage was established in December of 2007, to provide evidence based childbirth education classes (one of the oldest in the country). We also worked in providing labor support to women in hospital for a period of three years.

At one of our sessions, one of the mums expressed interest in pursuing a water birth. And so, in 2010 we collaborated with local care providers and provided one of the first water births in the country. It was an interesting learning experience for all of us who were involved, where we clearly saw the need for establishing an independent space where women had access to choice how they birthed and with whom they birthed. That’s how Birthvillage the Natural Birthing Center came into existence.

We strive to provide Indian women with a safe and skilled clinical birth team. Although birth centres and midwifery care is a well known and an extensively utilized aspect of maternity care, in all developed countries, in the highly medicalized Indian scenario, it took a few years to be widely accepted.

Birthvillage is currently going through a period of transition where we are committed to providing care to women no matter what kind of birth she’s having. Whatever the mode of birth, every woman still deserves midwife-led care on a continuum model, is what we firmly stand for – and to this end, our new birth centre has on site a team of midwives and also mainstream experts who step in when needed.

This changeover has resulted from the decade of experience that we have had as a freestanding birth center.