Priyanka Idicula is the co-founder of Birthvillage. In 2006, she left her corporate career, after being convinced that Indian women needed and truly deserved a better way of birth. Right from the start she knew that an ‘informed choice’ lay at the heart of a woman having agency over her birth experience. She trained in Lamaze, being one of the first Indians to get a twin scholarship to do her course and be certified as a Lamaze Educator from Lamaze International (globally accredited evidence based birth education organization).

She co-founded Birthvillage along with Red Miller in 2008 – working with skilled and experienced midwives to facilitate evidence based and empowering births, while she herself undertook the long and extremely demanding process of qualifying as an international midwife.

She completed her midwifery training in 2014. Since catching babies has become second nature, it’s hard to get Priyanka to state a definite number of babies that she has caught, but as of this moment all she will admit is that the number is upwards of 600.

She also has extensive experience in working in maternity care with pregnant teenagers as part of the Tejus home project – a one of its kind in India.

  • She has presented various papers  on holistic maternity care and has been the face of India at various international midwifery conferences.

  • She has also been invited to speak as a guest speaker at various nursing colleges on midwifery education and human rights in childbirth in India.

  • She currently teaches as guest faculty at the Fernandez Foundation for the specially designed government midwifery program at Telangana.

  • She has been honoured with One World Birth Hero Championship : Runner Up in 2011

  • She has been awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award for Service to Mother & Baby” in 2018 at Germany, by Midwifery Today recognising midwifery leadership and the promotion of birth as a normal life event.

  • She has also been awarded the Best Midwife of the Year 2019 at the International Breastfeeding Conference, India.

  • She is also one of the pioneers for water birth in India in 2010.