Online Birth Education Classes

When it comes to pregnancy, labour and birth – most of us urban Indians are vastly unaware and underprepared. However, evidence seen from all around the world shows consistently that a couple who is informed and aware of what a pregnancy, labour, birth is likely to be like – deal with it with a lot more confidence and experience more positive outcomes. Whether you are a first-time or an experienced parent, the task of giving birth can feel exciting or overwhelming. BV Birth Education Classes education is designed to give you the information you need to make the healthiest decisions for your baby, and give you more confidence in your body’s natural ability to go through the process.

To this end, our (currently) online BV Birth Education Classes provide research-based information about how the human body works during labour, both physically and emotionally. We ensure our class sizes are kept small to involve maximum participation as well to ensure that the information is clearly understood. At the end of this comprehensive course, you will be fully prepared to actively participate in the birth of your child. It is our pleasure to be a part of such an exciting event in your lives, the preparation of the arrival of your baby!

The in-depth class modules cover:

  • Healthy Birth Practices
  • Stages of Labour
  • Medical Interventions
  • Comfort Measures
  • Infant Care
  • Post Partum
  • Breastfeeding

We cover the pros and cons of medical procedures in childbirth, including pain medication, induction, episiotomy, and scheduled Caesarean are explained. Through the couples learn all their options and to become empowered decision makers. The classes are invaluable in teaching a mother how to work with her body rather than against, and hence make labor more efficient. Partners or support persons are taught support techniques, because we believe them to be an essential, valuable part of the birthing experience!

Any pregnant couple from any part of the world can register for our classes. We offer special comprehensive courses, weekend batches, and weekday evening batches also.

BV Prenatal Workouts

Our BV Prenatal workouts are specially designed to prepare the mother and baby to engage with more assurance and engagement in labour. These online sessions are a fun, fast paced high rocking combination of cardio, stretching, muscle strengthening, yoga, meditation plus birth affirmations at the end. We have the best dance hits and more shake your booty music to get our hearts pumping and fresh oxygen to you and your baby.

Contact us for the class schedule and registrations.