Our facility

“Skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate care for childbearing women, new-born infants and families across the continuum throughout pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and the early weeks of life. Core characteristics include optimising normal biological, psychological, social and cultural processes of reproduction and early life; timely prevention and management of complications; consultation with and referral to other services; respect for women’s individual circumstances and views; and working in partnership with women to strengthen women’s own capabilities to care for themselves and their families.” – The Lancet

Our state-of-the-art, fully equipped birth centre is located in Kizhakkambalam, Cochin. Set in calm, quiet and green environs, our centre is specifically designed to be a warm, home-like environment – to ensure that a woman in labour does not feel like a ‘patient’ or feel that she is in a clinical atmosphere. A mother who feels safe and supported in labour has been shown to have a much more positive labour and birth experience – this is also what we have witnessed and supported for more than a decade -and is a fundamental environment principle taht we will always follow.

We are fully skilled, equipped and experienced in the entire spectrum of what a birth would require – as a collaborative team comprising midwives, Ob/GYNs, medical officers; and also in terms of equipments and technology required.