Vaginal Birth after C-Section is something that many women can successfully try, if they have previously delivered a baby by C-section and pregnant again. Statistics show that attempting a trial of labour is possible and VBAC has a high success rate globally.

Reasons that many choose to try for a VBAC:

  • Decreases the chances of needing multiple C-Section if additional pregnancies are planned.
  • VBACS are seen to have lower rates of excessive bleeding, infection and blood clotting.
  • VBAC could also decrease the risk of hysterectomy and injury to abdominal organs.
  • Quicker recoveries are seen with VBACs.
  • Emotionally and physically empowering for many mothers.

In our experience, requests for VBAC is increasing, since in India, we as a country are seeing the highest growth in C-Sections globally in the past five years. At Birthvillage, we have an increasing number of healthy second time mothers coming in to experience a VBAC with our skilled team. Our VBAC success rates are currently.

A VBAC mother does have additional parameters which need to be clinically fulfilled, which she is guided by the team in. Scans, tests, assessments are done vigilantly and in a timely manner. Lamaze classes by the couple together is a must for VBAC couples.