Very often, and especially for first time mothers, breastfeeding is a very challneging phase, especially initially. The right support and inputs at the start of the breastfeeding journey go a long way in how that journey goes, and how it contributes to the health and wellbeingof the baby as well as the mother.

For mothers who have given birth with us, this assistance is part of the package via our postpartum midwife.

However, any mother who needs lactation support can connect with us and get our support and expert attention. Our lactation support is a private session that will give a mothers the correct informationon:

  • How to hold/position the baby as you breastfeed
  • How to latch the baby properly
  • How long you should breastfeed for
  • How to know if baby is getting enough milk
  • How to look for little cues your baby gives to you
  • How to figure out what works for you
  • Breast infections
  • Tenderness
  • Milk production issues

Mothers and babies who have had their birth at any other institution can definitely avail of our lactation support package.