A woman’s body goes through many physical and hormonal changes after birth. Good care during postpartum is a critical factor in enabling the new mother to care well for her baby. To this end, our centre offers traditional Ayurvedic post partum regimen, which has been used for centuries to help a post partum mother regain her health vitality post partum.

We partner with a skilled and experienced Ayurveda physician to bring the benefits of this ancient Indian wellness program to all mothers and babies. Abhyangam, or full body massage will be done with curative and therapeutic oils to relax your body, revitalise it and enhance immunity. The oils used will vary as per your body constitution and the need.

Mothers will be assessed individually and the right care, oils, therapies and massages will be prescribed during both the prenatal and post partum phase.

Post partum packages are usually the most sought after. Packages offered:
7 Days
14 Days
21 Days
and other personalized packages as per individual requirements/preferences.

This service is currently available only in Ernakulam city.