He pinned me down on my injured leg and there was nothing I could do…..

This shy soft-spoken young girl came to us in her mid-pregnancy. Repeated threats to hurt her siblings forced her to keep quiet amidst continued abuse from her “maaman”
“She is mentally deranged she is talking about the wrong person. I have just hugged her that’s all.”
“I can make him out even in pitch darkness.”
Yes, she does have learning disabilities but it is ridiculous how in our society we label dyslexia as being mentally deranged/challenged and how that it is used as a cover for gains.
As we talked about options for birth, she said, “I am worried about the pain but I know if I have hands to hold on and hug and I am encouraged I can do this.”
Her mum said, “You can’t handle pain why don’t you just in for an elective C-section?”
“No that’s the easy way out and it’s not good for me or for baby unless there is a real issue”
As she called us in the early hours of the morning, we were surprised that she hadn’t called us earlier as she had labored through the night, and when asked why she hadn’t, she replied “I must do what I can without bringing down the roof besides I would like you all to sleep and be rested in the morning for me”
Hours later a beautiful little girl was born as she held on strong.
I did it! I did it I am so happy!!!!! She was ecstatic!
On our drive back home she just kept repeating
“I will stand for myself. I will not bow down. I will be bold.” She just kept repeating over and over again like a mantra.
Post 6 weeks, while we chatted yesterday……
As she gets ready to leave, she is strong in her resolve to work, earn, and move on for her family and siblings.
“Thank you for everything, It’s hard for me to leave Thejus home. I have made friends for the first time, laughed, and enjoyed like never before and I am not scared anymore nor will I be bullied by anyone. Most importantly I have learned to say no.”
I also know that my baby will reach a home where they will be wonderful parents to take care of her and give her a life and education and things that I cannot do now and I am truly grateful to whoever they are. I may not ever know them but they are my angels. People that I shall always pray for…….

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