We believe the right decisions taken at the right time make great changes! It’s because of one of such decision that we can write this story now. It was in 2016 that we knew that we both have another companion, ready to join us soon. We were pretty much excited, but the experience we had at the first hospital we consulted had brought us down. When we visited them on the second month, they said a C-Section was necessary. Because we needed a second opinion, we asked a few friends. It’s from Gargi that we knew about Birth Village.

We called One of the midwives one night, and she talked for around an hour. We must say, we were much relieved after that phone call, because she cleared all the doubts and misconceptions we had. Thereafter, we started the regular consulting sessions at Birth Village. From the very next day, we started celebrating the pregnancy period — instead of being panicky and tensed. We were never restricted from anything just because I was pregnant. They used to say, “Listen to your mind, and do what you think is right”. We did everything we used to do, during the period — such as our travel adventures and even had done photography assignments till the last month of pregnancy. Lamaze classes prepared us well for the labour. We knew about process, growth and enough knowledge for a healthy delivery. Also, Birth Village Team had answered all the questions we had in our mind. Workout sessions were really energetic and we had enough fun.

After 36 weeks, we were expecting the baby anytime. It was during the 38th week of pregnancy, and I was so tensed and anxious about the labour. Jino was constantly trying to distract me; we visited Biennale, took some photographs and roamed around in Cochin. We tried some restaurants and visited friends here. After two days, on December 27th, when early labor slowly set in with contractions every 5-7 minutes we were at Anugraha hotel in Vytilla for lunch, and water broke when we were there. Amidst all those stares, we made our way to Birth Village. The delivery was on the next day, 28th December, at 4:15AM and it was a labor of over 24 Hours from start

We really do not know who are to be thanked. Midwives from Birth Village, and I’d like to call them super-women. They were just fairies, with magic-wand. We were just amazed at the commitment they had during labor. They kept relieving the tension and led us till the end. We would like to thank everyone from Birth Village, for caring us so well. We had felt the same affection as though from our mom — and I know words are never enough to thank them. In a place that sees pregnant women as a patients,Birth Village is an exception. We had never felt any endangerment or any ill-feeling during the days we spent there.

It’s all due to the right decision we had taken at the right time. Now that we have him beside us, completely healthy and active, we are very thankful to each and every one at Birth Village. Thank you for letting us to be together in the most important moment of our life and making us confident us again. We wish all the goodness for the entire BV team in 2017. Moreover, we are thankful to God, for letting me experience the real sense of being a Birth Goddess. And, I felt the completeness of being a woman.
Bv notes
This is a super carefree loving couple that chose to follow their path despite many hurdles
At less than 5 ft she never once felt she was small to birth
With a very supportive partner who pushed her on all grounds despite laboring over 24 hours
Amazing work even during postpartum which again was challenging
Well done and congratulations !!!

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