Birthing at Birthvillage was a decision I had taken after I had my first baby 6 years back at a hospital. My husband and I had attended Lamaze classes at Birthvillage during my first pregnancy, in which we were taught in detail about the stages of labour, best positions for labour, exercises during pregnancy and during labour. But as I had to go to my hometown, I had to give birth in a regular institution. My baby went 5 days beyond the due date, and the hospital made me sign that it was at my risk that we were waiting and not getting induced on the due date as is the common practice in Kerala. My husband and I confidently followed what we learned till the last stage that I could hold on at home, and only went to the hospital when the contractions came in less than 5 minutes. Then I was subjected to mindless interventions at the hospital, like breaking the water, Pitocin with IV, making me push lying down with legs strapped up, and fundal pressure. I took some days to recover from the trauma.

With my second baby, we consulted at Birthvillage all throughout. Did only the tests and scans recommended from there. Followed the diet guidelines, with no medicine supplements. Did the most awesome exercise and dance sessions. Trained my mind to be strong for labor. My midwives reassured me when I had crossed my due date by 2 weeks. At 42 weeks, my labor started naturally in the morning, I went to Birthvillage at 8:00 am. With the strong support of my husband, And my midwives, I could freely connect with my instinct for the best positions I wanted to be in, and delivered my baby boy squatting, surrounded by love and happiness, at 9:47 am. I could experience the ecstasy of being connected with my baby through the cord for a long time, my baby was never taken away from me, and we bonded and breastfed in the homely environment at Birthvillage.

A woman must birth in such an environment to discover her immense strength
Bv notes
This story again goes to prove that babies need their time inside and will be born when it’s right for them and in this case, this Lil one needed an additional two weeks from its so-called date.
As long as mamma and babies are healthy there is no evidence to push for induction or other interventions
There was a strong moment of ecstasy on this mammas face when she birthed her son
Her squeals of delight still ring clear in our ears
The few moments of quiet pride treasured by the dad were equally heartwarming
The only words she had after she had the baby were awesome! awesome ! and awesome!
You have all done so well. So proud!!

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