Let me start off by saying that Kochi is lucky to have a place like Birth Village and I hope more expectant mothers make use of your services. It took me some time to get off the fence and decide to opt for Birth Village for my delivery and I am glad I did. Though in the end mine turned out to be one of those cases that needed a last minute switch to a hospital for a c-sec, my entire experience from the pre natal consultations, smooth transfer to a hospital and post natal consultations, was as perfect as the situation would allow. If I have to do it again, I will come back to Birth Village and hope for a normal birth 🙂 The Lamaze classes gave my husband and me a lot of clarity on the birth process and post natal care. The Active Mamma workouts were a fun experience. I was fitter during my pregnancy than I have ever been. I followed the diet advice that my midwives gave me (mostly) and felt great till the end of my term. 🙂 I must mention the great support I received from the midwives.Your (almost round the clock) support and encouragement have really helped me through the initial days of getting to know my baby. Thank you also to the support staff for the smooth organization. To my midwife who held my hand throughout I will always think of you as an important part of my birth experience. You gave me so much strength at the hospital just before my surgery and in the days after. And I appreciate the swift and efficient way my transfer to the hospital was handled with all arrangements made by Birth Village. Thank you all again and best of luck in all your future. Bv notes Some of the hardest turns are when there is a turn in your birth plans but you make good conscious decisions for a healthy birth outcomes The amazing support that this new dad provided for this mum was unparalleled Their openess and dedication to learning so that their baby could have the best start ever easily receive 10 stars Love you guys lots and wishing you an wonderful journey ahead Love Bv

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