Coming to the Birthvillage feels like a butterfly of events. I met Sauda Mubeen, Chetna Ajit and Rashmie Jagu at Swashikshan (Homeschoolers Conference) Feb 2016. If not for them, I wouldn’t have decided to have my Second child at the Birthvillage or Lotus Birth.

Initially, the only intention that drove me to BV was that it would be possible for Prabu to be present during my Labor. Little did I know about my first daughter’s (Thanvi) birth history at that time. Meeting My midwife in March 2016 was a hit me hard moment, when I realised that ignorance is dangerous and not a bliss anymore. We read Thanvi’s birth discharge summary only at BV. each and every line was decoded (it was an induction with episiotomy plus forceps and much more) of the summary and explained what the pros and cons of those interventions on the baby’s physical and mental wellness. The clarity and in-depth speech during the first appointment gave Prabu and I a great deal of confidence and no second thoughts on coming to BV for our second delivery.

We reached Cochin on May 2017 at 36 weeks. Working out with The active momma group was fun, energetic and built a lot of confidence about the ability of my mind and body. My workout midwife is an iron lady and has become my icon I look upto. Lamaze classes at BV were an eye opener and highly informative.

The best thing about BV is that they advocate, ‘Your body, your responsibility’. I was asked for each and every requirement/wish on how I wanted to deliver. For example, I was even asked for what kind of room lightning I prefer during my labor. There was not a bit of haste, delay, waiting or any protocol to be followed. I was treated and celebrated for what my physical, mental and emotional factors require. Team BV knew in and out about me in this 4 weeks time.

I had my pre-labor symptoms since 38 weeks. All my doubts were cleared anytime. The best part of BV is that they are reachable 24/7 and the amount of clarity and patience in answering my doubts is impeccable.

On due date, I was out for getting my errands done. Reached home by dinner. By 11pm, I felt the first contraction. Excited, we started to plan for the places and hotels to visit the next day since I have heard many stories of 24 hrs and 36 labor. When the contractions started to get intense, I decided to take a hot shower to keep my growling off my daughter. By 2.15, my water broke and I rang up Priyanka. From then on, every step was led by My midwives guidance. Without any hassle/stress/intervention my baby girl was born by 3 pm. It was a very short labor of 4 hours from the first contraction to delivery.

Though being a mom, for the second time around, I still had a lot of doubts and dilemmas. Postpartum support extended by BV is unbelievable, its just more than what I could ask for.

Last time when I delivered, it was the doctor who delivered the baby. This time, it was me who delivered the baby with lot of love, guidance and confidence. As a woman, I feel more powerful than ever.
Natural Birthing has given me the confidence that anything is possible by my body and soul.

I sincerely thank my family for supporting me undoubtedly, without even asking me a single question on my choice to birth naturally. It’s not necessary to thank Prabu but I write this here to let others know that there are opportunities for father’s to actively take part in the most precious moments of a family than just being a provider and a spectator. Prabu stood right beside us putting aside his business, place of work and just everything. To be there for my workout sessions, Lamaze classes, walking, laughing, unschooling Thanvi, through my contraction, birthing, post partum, skin to skin, changing nappies and much more. Since it’s a lotus birth, it was only Prabu and I who handled the baby until the chord could fall off. It’s just that he didn’t have the contraction; otherwise, we feel we birthed the baby together. This experience has fueled us with more love, trust, power and confidence to achieve our dreams.

Thanks to universe for all the positivity around us to deliver our baby the way we visualized.
Bv notes
This mamma is on a journey where she seeks to uncover life the way it is meant to be and definitely has a lot to present to the world .
Her quiet man always standing by her side offering her to just be the way she intends to be.
The only words that she said after she had the baby”That was amazing !”
She is strong and courageous and makes choices that many may not understand.
She stands for a lot of us !
We will all miss you a lot .lots of love Bv

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