We are going to miss the fun and the journey we cherished together, the Lamaze classes, high energy exercise classes (not sure from where she gets her energy), monthly appointments (who we got scolded for every wrong food choice and every kg gained), the smiling and welcoming staff downstairs and even strict policy keepers. The entire team always with a smile including the last day where our midwives were waiting for us at 2.30 am with a pleasant and welcoming face. Before even planning for our second child myself and Jaison we were very clear that if we are having our second child in Kerala we would want it to be in Birthvillage rather than any institution where we wished to avoid unnecessary medicines and medical interventions. Though my first child was born in a hospital in Mumbai and also a normal delivery, had no complaints about it. But in Kerala, the most common thing I have heard is C-section is the most common thing here and that is the last thing we wanted. After the two experiences i.e hospital birth of my first child and Birthvillage birth of my second child. Both the experiences are at two extremes. Hospital birth, where you are treated as a patient and made to follow what the doctor says without even questioning whether it is required or not. Inducing Pain, IV even for normal delivery. Birthvillage every step you are educated and provided with options where all the pros and cons are explained to you and the most important part THE FINAL CHOICE IS OURS and not anybody else. You are treated as a normal human where birth is part of a natural process and you realize that you can actually do anything and everything which we used to do earlier without any restriction. Which actually gave me the courage to go ahead on a tractor drive when I was 6 months pregnant without any fear, no restriction on travel, climb stairs as much as possible, walk, jump, dance, exercise, make healthy choices……….., the fun part the finale when my mucus plug broke I called up Instead of asking me to take rest or come straight to Birth village my midwife asked me to make this day memorable by having a good dinner and a nice dessert along with good sleep. That’s how we ended up at Maharaja Bhog in Lulu mall, even with mild contraction the three with the little one inside enjoyed our dinner together. The most important part was the selfless support, you could call your midwife any time of the day, no matter how busy she was… She was always a pillar of support to help us make the right choice. One such choice we made in the 3rd Month of our pregnancy and we are happy that we took that decision, we decided to go for the Down Syndrome test and unfortunately, the reports were not in our favor, we realized that day morning after seeing the report that we hold a very high chance of having a baby with Down syndrome. Both I and Jaison were very upset and didn’t know what to do, the whole day I was down, confused, and worried. We send the reports to our midwife, I think that was the busiest day for her still she allowed me to call her up at 11 pm and patiently listened to me, my worries and gave me a choice that I have further options to further confirm this by taking few other tests which could reconfirm the report, which again comes with a risk of termination. BUT her one question changed everything for us that day, for which I can’t stop thanking her. Had it been in any other institution they would have convinced us to take further tests without educating the pros and cons of it and the conclusion might be terminating the pregnancy. But she had to just ask me what my choice might be if the reports are to be true….. I have only two choices terminate or go forward with the pregnancy. And that should give me an answer to my worries. I and Jaison were very clear come what may we would never go for termination and we decided no more additional tests and not to disclose this to anybody in the family till we see our baby. Just enjoy this journey as our midwives advised and the end result is we gave birth to a healthy normal baby proving the test wrong. The amazing part of this birth experience was Jaison who had full control and supported me throughout the process and my son Aaron who is ten years old was there right from the beginning till the end witnessing and capturing each and every moment of the new life being born. In fact, we three went through the journey of pregnancy together right from our prenatal appointments to birth. I can go on writing as there are so many good experiences to cherish. Once again thank you birth village for gifting us a beautiful journey for a lifetime!!! Bv notes When families make educated choices together with love respect and complete awareness, there is a huge transformation that takes them to next level and that’s what this birth has been about.(The support and the love that the couple extended towards each other in their hour of need is something that we could easily take a leaf from) When You see an older sibling a boy of ten years part of his younger brothers birth, right from handing her a glass of water in labor to taking pictures on being adamant that he gets to hold his little brother first after his mum speaks volume of parenting There was no fear, no question of shame or hiding in the closet, this mum has done an awesome job. This older one has an experience that will go on to impact his education, respect for women in the future.Well done young man! when asked how he felt about the birth He replied”It was normal! I was neither worried nor scared nor excited. It was just the way it was!” (And then we realize how as adults we complicate things in our head and it takes a child to shine a torch through our muddled heads) Salute and respect!

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