My fairytale birth story. I had a wonderful time in labor!! Really?? Can labor be wonderful? It can be; when you are surrounded by people you love and who love you and your unborn child with all their heart and soul. The birth of my second son was in this cozy haven called Birthvillage, witnessed by George – my husband, and Priyanka and Donna – my lovely midwives. It was quiet, peaceful, and just right. Was it just about the labor? Definitely not. All the yoga, meditation,  Lamaze classes, and diet counseling sessions paved the way to an easy and stress-free labor. Priyanka would patiently explain and re-explain the innumerable doubts we threw at her.

During the prenatal checkups, Priyanka and Donna would be so excited to feel the baby and hear his heartbeat… the excitement was contagious.

Donna’s workout sessions were amazing. It totally dispelled my assumption that pregnant women should do only light exercises. After each session, I would be fit and raring to go.

My labor was for a total of 3 hrs. At 38 weeks and 5 days, a Wednesday, I started feeling slight pressure on and off at 6 in the evening. I didn’t take it seriously thinking it was Braxton Hicks, since I hadn’t experienced it at all during this pregnancy. We had decided to go do some shopping and I started getting ready. It was then that I realized that the pressure sensations had deepened and were closer together. So I downloaded an app to time them and, lo behold they were 4-5 mins apart!! Called up Priyanka, who told me to come when I felt it was the real deal. Even when the contractions came in, it was bearable. We reached at 7.15 pm to a quiet Birthvillage. Though the pain was least bothersome, I was really vocalizing through each contraction, and even when George made fun of me, I couldn’t stop it. An hour went by walking around, leaning against the wall with Priyanka and George giving fantastic massages and even some slow dancing with hubby dearest!! When the pain notched up a little I got into the pool which was pure bliss! In between, I was thinking that it’s gonna take some time coz Priyanka hadn’t even examined me once! And then I started pushing!!! After 3-4 pushes, my water broke and in another 3, the baby crowned! That was the only time I felt severe pain and was a little scared. Later, I was told the pain was because his hand was at the side of his head, which Priyanka had deftly maneuvered. The head was born after a huge push and 4 mins later, he slid out. He was immediately placed on my chest. For a whole hour, I was in la-la land, holding my bundle of joy close to my heart. How relaxed and content we both were!! George did delayed cord clamping.

No amount of words can describe my admiration for the work Priyanka and Donna do every single day, without rest and sleep… love u both from the bottom of my heart. I want to thank Bincy and Smija for the excellent support you provide to these warrior babes!

One day, Kevin will know he was birthed into gentle hands, open hearts, and lotsa lotsa love… that his mother was happy and fearless!!

Sidenote: the instincts of a woman are diligently and systematically trivialized and scorned upon by our society in general; to the point that women themselves have stopped believing in them. Priyanka put that faith in me from the beginning, and my instincts helped me know what to do when along the course of the labor.

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