Last week, this powerful mama reminded us that birth is a very intuitive and instinctive experience. She was very clear that she wanted a natural, non interventional birth for her second baby. Her husband was himself, born at home. and the family lives in the Middle East. Charanya came and stayed in Ernakulam for the last few weeks of her pregnancy – with her older son, and her mother. She was absolutely determined to birth on her own terms, and had a resolve that was completely focused on this.

” Looking back at the birth of my first child, I see how unprepared and ignorant I was then. It was a regular institutional birth. Though I had a vaginal birth, It was completely induced and had all kinds of interventions. It can make one think that babies wouldn’t come out if we don’t bring them out. The actual birthing experience ended up being way out my control.

But for the second time around, I wanted to have a natural birth- to trust my body and to let my body and baby decide what to do. Though I was fascinated by home births, I was skeptical to encounter that myself. I came to know about Birthvillage and had a Skype appointment with Priyanka when I was 25 weeks pregnant. She was very much detailed and patiently listens and gets to know the client personally. I just knew after talking to her that I’d found my team.

I reached Cochin at 35 weeks. The prenatal care they provided was very personal, rejuvenating and excellent. They were absolutely sensitive and respectful of my needs. I always felt they gave me option and care specific to my beliefs. The Lamaze classes were great eye opener and gave more courage and confidence to have this birth.

I was 40 weeks and 3 days when my water broke. It happened early in the morning and I felt mild surges and tightening across my belly every 3 to10 mins, lasting for about 40 to 60 seconds. At this point I let Priyanka know what was going on and since the baby was moving well, I planned to go once the contractions become stronger. But they remained with the same intensity until evening and about 6 pm, suddenly I could feel more intense contractions that were unmanageable and out of my control. So I called Priyanka and started to Birthvillage.

With each contraction becoming more and more stronger, the journey to Birthvillage seemed forever, and halfway in the car I started to feel the baby pushing down. As soon as we reached Birthvillage, I couldn’t bear any more and as Priyanka came out smiling, I lost control and started to scream in pain, Priyanka and my husband managed to get me inside and I immediately started pushing. They tried to get me upstairs but I couldn’t make it and started birthing our daughter in the stairway. All happened in 40 minutes after reaching BV. In the end I got exactly the birth I wanted- no induction, zero intervention (not even a vaginal exam), all natural positive birthing experience.
We thank the BV team for being part of our daughter’s birth! It’s a memory we will always treasure!.”

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