Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases in every woman’s life. I just passed through this stage recently. Birthvillage is the name which I probably can’t forget in my lifetime. It is Birthvillage and my midwives who made my birth such a memorable one. Even during my pain, I had the feeling of extreme support from my family members. The care I received was so appreciable. The monthly appointment time in Birthvillage was one hour. It helped us to relax and share all our worries. They were willing to give answers to all our doubts and gave us confidence. Apart from the consultation, we had exercise classes which helped me to make my body more flexible. Because of my busy schedule, I could attend only 3-4 exercise classes. But after the first class itself, it helped position my baby the right way. In Birthvillage, my husband Varun was with me throughout the birth. That took my confidence to the next level and together we welcomed our baby to this wonderful world. And that was the most beautiful moment for both of us when we became proud parents of our little boy. And that’s not because we became a mother and father but also because I didn’t use any medicines or supplements during this 9-month journey. (as we strongly follow naturopathy) If you follow a proper healthy diet, that by itself is sufficient to give birth to a healthy smart baby. I would consider myself a good living example of that. Whether it’s a natural birth/ water birth, birthing in Birthvillage is a great experience. Thanks to the Birthvillage team.

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