Our Birthing experience at Birth Village will be always one of the most pleasant experiences. Instead of just waiting outside a labour room and some strange women handing me my first child, I had the best experience of being completely involved throughout the labour. My wife’s labour pain started around 4 pm when we just returned from her native place Thrissur(to celebrate her mom’s b’day). We waited for around one hour to make sure it is not false labour. Surprisingly (to our self) though both of us didn’t panic, we simply felt this is what we have been practising for and we are ready. We were always in touch with our midwives and were given prompt advice which helped to keep us calm. By around 11 pm her pain started radiating to the lower back from the lower abdomen, and we left to Birth Village by around 11.30 pm Birth @ Birth village. We reached Birth Village by 12.00 Midnight, by that time contractions were almost every 5 minutes. Our midwives were well prepared and totally ready. Contractions were not bad as we had feared and Birthvillage workout sessions and climbing stairs really helped. Jyo was simply amazing in following Every instruction given by our midwives and me, she relaxed really well took deep breaths during every contraction, got up and walked whenever she was asked to. She had gone into a real Trance state (later she told me that she can’t remember much from the labour except she really enjoyed it). As the time to give birth came in closer, instinctively Jyo went to the rope, caught it and sat in the squatting position with me behind her supporting and massaging her back. By 1.02 am with almost three pushes, our little angel was in our midwives hand with her beautiful big eyes looking around in amazement. Can’t really explain that moment of joy for both of us when my baby girl was placed on my Jyo’s warm hands, and I will never forget my Rhithu’s first cry in our first warm hug with her as a new family. I was a bit scared that Jyo would pass out during labour as she neither had any solids nor liquids since morning because of cough and throwing up. even though she fell back on me after each push because of tiredness, to my surprise she gathered all the energy, followed each and every instructions and encouragement were given by our birth team. To be honest, I used to be reluctant when she used to ask me to massage her leg or any other care before her labour, but after seeing what she went through and realizing that I could never be as strong as she was during the labour, I now feel whatever I do for her will never be enough. She was amazingly strong and confident during labour just as her midwives used to say how she would be. I strongly feel I would have lost a lot if I took her through regular, conventional and stressful regular labour in some health care facility by rote just like everyone else. It has been a fabulous experience right from the start to the end Love Bose and Jyothi

Midwives note: The one thing that this mum used to keep talking about prenatally was how she would cope with pain and rightfully so ….as naturopathic doctors they are required to intern at hospitals however this mum found it quite traumatic(considering the internship) to even think about labour leave alone give birth. She dealt very well when it came to letting go of the past and getting ready to embrace the future and to be in whatever nature had in store for her and her baby She has been simply amazing in taking care of her little one by following all suggestions be it skin to skin, keeping visitors at bay. and the wonderful support she had from her husband was simply unparalleled!! Welcome, little one! You are a fighter all the way!

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