I should say first time around I wasn’t properly educated about childbirth practises followed in India . I presumed there will be a protocol and what has to happen will happen. So after an epidural and foetal distress , I ended up under the knife 3 years ago.

After a few days, I realised it wasnt necessary and I just couldnt take it off my mind. It kept ringing in my brains every now and then and in fact led me to post partum depression. So when we decided to have the second baby, i told my husband that I am doing a vbac and at birth village and nowhere else. He was very apprehensive about it until we met Our midwife for the first time. She explained in detail as to why I could birth naturally and the risks involved as well. My Husband was convinced and he was the only one who supported my decision whole heartedly and stood by me throughout the rest of my journey .Moving cities was a huge concern but I knew what I wanted and was quite clear from the start.
I did a few appointments with birth village and also kept my appoinments with my gynaec in chennai as i couldnt travel often towards the end. And moved to kochi when i was around 37 weeks. I did go for donnas workout classes. But I had pelvic pain from 16 weeks onward and swimming helped immensely. But unfortunately i couldnt swim after 34 weeks.
But as i approached week 39 , I decided if i didnt swim and relieve myself of my aches , labour might be difficult. I was determined to not let anything impede my trial of natural birth this time.
My contractions started on monday afternoon when I entered my 40th week. They were 15 min apart ,very mild. They continued to be so till tuesday morning. My husband came on monday night. I managed to sleep that night. Went for a walk that morning. And swimming as well. The contractions were more regular when I walked ,but slowed down when i rested. My midwife suggested i rest well so I conserve my energy for labour. So me and my husband went for a movie ,had an ice cream and got home by 7 pm. Then the contractions were more painful and more regular under 10 min. However my midwife spoke about regular contractions for 2 hours ,5 min apart and 1 min long. Honestly except thrice I never got there. It was regular under 10 min till about 1:30 am on wednesday morning. I tried to sleep through but couldnt. I was feeling the pressure to push as well. So I called my midwife and she said you can come to the centre if i wanted to and asked me to leave in 15 min. We reached the centre at 2 am and My midwives were waiting for us. Calm and quiet. Contractions continued intensely. When she examined me ,she said I was 7 cms dilated. I couldnt believe it. I was so worried she would probably send me home saying i wasnt dilated enough.

Then ,after a few min My midwives said I could use the birth pool if i wanted . I slipped into the water and it was heavenly. It was so relaxing . When contractions came ,I started pushing. And remained in water for close to 2 hours. My waters broke in the pool.My midwives took me through every contraction helping me and the baby reach better positions. I always had a fear of letting myself go , always wanted to be in control of everything. But labour was anything but that. And my midwives words moved me throughout labour and helped in bringing my dream come true. Then after shifting positions , from trying the potty seat to the birthing stool , to the birthing rope,finally my little girl came when i squatted and pushed with all my energy .
That moment was truly overwhelming and priceless.
Thanks to birth village team and my husband for being there throughout the labour . Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.
My postpartum continues to be well supported a completely different process that has healed me inside me out
Bv notes
You know a woman truly wants her vbac when she says
She is in town for a wedding but her first priority is the appointment and even if it’s for 5 min she would run in(Being a busy day with back to back births at the center we decided we could be flexible for someone who sounded super committed on the Phone)
Working hard be it professionally and personally is the second nature to this mum
When you add to that equation a man who was willing to brave all odds
Well informed they went ahead with confidence , grit and courage which helped them to have a birth of their choice
Well done and congratulations again

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