“Am I strong enough for this?” “What about epidurals?” All this and much more from this mum who came in from Bangalore at 36 weeks. Lamaze classes over the weekend with her husband who would come in at the weekend ( a strong yet calm supporter especially in the fact that she could do this as naturally as possible), being educated about all options, coupled with exercise classes to get the baby in a good position and we saw her grow both in spirit and in her physical fitness. Into her 39th week when she woke up with her waters broken and mild contractions ensued. “Could this be labor?” Calls husband who plans to leave Bangalore on the morning flight. We decide that this mum may need more support and asked her to come in. She wowed us as she coped beautifully, on her hands and knees, as she instinctively knew what to do. “Are you feeling good?”, we ask her. “I know you guys and I trust my body well and I do not fear”, came her reply. We dial her husband and put him on call so that he could speak to her and hear her and be with her in spirit as we told him that she is progressing well and not to worry. As a circle of women, we took deep breaths, encouraged when we got to tough spaces, held her space, and as she entered the water she pushed as per her body’s instincts synced well and her son was born just in time while her husband landed at the Cochin airport As we settle down on the bed, hubby comes in, we guess, shocked and happy at the same time. Relaxed and happy, this little family knows exactly how they would like to lead their life forward with the right priorities All we can say is, “well done!!!!”.

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