My roller coaster pregnancy (prelude )
We were living in Bangkok and for pregnancy we were thinking which place to opt for my delivery specially in Kerala.I kept on researching about this through all networking to see in fb where my friends posted their birthing stories .I came to know about bv through my friends neethu and smitha .I checked with them how the place was .Both of them gave me a big thumbs up and asked me to go for it.I’m a person who follows my heart and if I decide anything I stick to it .During my first trimester we had a Skype appointment and then after the online discussion I told so THIS IS IT.I told Rohit my husband “I am going to do this.”They sent me the diet chart and I strictly followed what they asked me to follow.Walking and swimming was my routine until I left Bangkok.Meanwhile we went and did so many things travelled to Hong Kong during my first month,5 th month babymoon ,later to India,beginning of 8 th month to wagamon,end of 8 th month to allepey contrary to sitting around in fear and not moving from ones home .
After coming down to Kerala visited bv and later shifted to Kochi attended all lamaze classes and workout classes
My labor story as follows:
37 th week.(Cochin) Scene 1

Mom and my brother vikey came down to stay with me for couple of days.on 17 th evening we went to buy baby’s clothes .At around 10.30 pm Amma left to kannur as she was working.After that I was chatting with my brother.I was telling about my due date and the process of pregnancy (specially mentioned about water break).At 2 am my water broke followed by bloody show.I informed my midwife and updated her what was happening.she asked me to inform rohit coz he would have to come from Bangkok he couldn’t believe it first and I was informing him such a good news.

Bangkok(on the other side what happens to the man )Scene 2

3.45 Thailand Time (2.15 Indian time)rushing to airport,on the way to airport I booking tickets to Kochi via Mumbai while sitting in the taxi
Flight started6.25am(Thailand)5 am in India.I landed 1.20 pm at Kochi.(7 hours from Bangkok via Mumbai to Kochi)
I was super cool and knew Ashwathy would manage and that baby would wait for me .
My brother my support -scene 3
I waited until morning and I told my brother”you can expect ur nephew any time soon”.meanwhile v started taking videos and photos .he kept soothing music for me,lightened agrbathis ,and lavender diffuser and asked me to sleep.meanwhile he cooked breakfast and tea for me.meanwhile my water was leaking on to the floor and he wiped that too.later I have been asked to come at bv for immediate appointment. rohith reached by afternoon.and later that my contractions started.the intensity of the pain kept changing and at 10.45 Pm went to Bv
Scene 4
Next day when I was checked I was barely 2 cm so we been asked to go back home,asked to take plenty of rest and sleep and asked to climb staircase. After reaching home I was swaying on ball and leaning against the wall,leaning against my husband ,tried to sleep at the same time I had a strong urge to bear down and at the same time a big pressure on my stomach,the pain was coming on and off,I started singing loudly ,I literally flipped ,I made my own composition of music and lyrics and started singing very loudly.Until 10 am l managed somehow and asked rohith to take me to bv whatever happens I’m not coming back home.when the uber driver started his car I started calling God’s name very loudly.I still remember that drivers look “oh my god !madam did I do any mistake now??but the timing was perfect and I appreciated the driver and he took safely to bv.
Final scene
My midwives welcomed me monitored encouraged me helped me with all positions
And within an hour I entered the birth pool and birthed my hero in another two hours( 34 hours after my water broke) and I did it on my terms with complete confidence and love
I did have a challenging time post birth in getting my son to latch but I continued working hard for the next two days with my midwives
We never gave up and he began feeding really after two days . Not once did we resort to formula or any other artificial feeds.
I am truly happy and consider myself blessed for having stuck to my path despite many hurdles
And my journey continues
Bv notes
A very cool mamma and even cooler dad
Totally unfazed under any pressure
Dedicated and committed they jumped through all obstacles
Well don’t and congratulations !

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