In 2014 when we were expecting our first baby, we got to know about Birth Village through our spiritual mentors Jude and Roopa Jude. However since we believed in our care provider in Bangalore blindly, we didn’t contemplate much as we expected a normal delivery to happen. To cut story short we ended up in a C-section in Jan 2015 and one of the main reasons for it was our doctor who didn’t prepare us for a normal delivery and didn’t give us enough time though my wife dilated fully.
Fast forward 2016, little less than 2 years is our due date for our next baby [Dec 2016], and doctors in Bangalore have already fixed up a date for a c-section. Once again Jude and Roopa Jude encouraged us to consider the option of Birth village. Since this is a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasarean), we had questions and concerns. But we decided to give it a try after praying for guidance to God. We had our initial skype call with Our midwife and she walked us through entire process with no grey areas and gave us time to think about it. Questions in our hearts and doubts raised by others did delay our decision making process. But we made a decision to go for a VBAC by trusting in God and also in the capability and credibility of The entire Birth Village team. So we started our skype calls and then visited Birth Village in Oct. In the meantime Olivia and I attended classes and exercises conducted by Madhavi in Bangalore which prepped us up.
We were suggested all steps to take before we land in Kochi like Olivia’s diet, workout, activitiy etc and we tried to follow it diligently.
We landed in Kochi on 10th Dec and it took us some time to settle in. We stayed in Mercy Villa and the owner and family was hospitable. Olivia started workout classes with Donnah and we had weekly checkups. The whole experience personally for me was more like vacation and delivery/labour was the last thing we had in mind. We visited places in Kochi, ate in good restaurants, shopped and had fun. On Dec 22nd, Olivia started having small cramps/contractions and it continued. On Dec 23rd the contractions grew stronger but we still went shopping in panampilly nagar Spring and More outlets. On Dec 24th at 12 it started to get intense and I called Our midwife She gave some instructions and asked us to wait. At 3 AM, it was intense so we decided to come to Birth village so booked Uber and landed at 3:40 am. Our midwives were there for is and they were constantly encouraging and instructing Olivia. I have never seen such care and concern in any hospitals in my life time. Olivia struggled grew tired but didn’t give up. By grace of God and constant monitoring/support/guidance of Our midwives , our boy came out at 5:10 AM. I had the privilege to cut the umbilical cord and baby started nursing immediately. After initial checkup, I left for my room as mom and baby took rest. Our midwives took care of my wife and even fed her lunch. Folks, there is still humanity and empathy is left in medical practice. The Bible says among Faith, Hope and love, love is the greatest. This team not only gave us faith and hope but made us feel utmost love which you will never get in any hospital. At 4 PM the same day, we came back to the apartment with mom and baby. Amidst all this chaos and frenzy our two year old daughter kept her cool and gave us a breather.
It was a great experience for us to have our baby born in a natural way and we are happy that we are part of this movement which challenges the status-quo of commercialization of child birth by majority of hospitals and doctors. We support natural birth and we recommend Birth Village.
Thanks to the entire Birth Village crew.
The birth village team means business but they don’t do it as a business. The team is driven by a common goal to promote natural child birth which gives freedom to the Mom and the Baby. Dear Birth Village Team, you have given us a story to tell for generations to come. As Jesus Christ was with us every single moment of our journey and finally fulfilled our desire, we will name our son – Yeshua!

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