2014 was very kind to us. It helped us grow a lot and had us mature over the past few several months. It gave us strength and courage to face whatever could come our way. But it also gave us 2 gifts that we’re sure to cherish for the rest of our lives. The first was “Birthvillage” and the second was just today, with the birth of our baby girl. Early today on Christmas day at 4:30 AM sharp, before we could start with any of our usual celebrations – with no prior warning, water broke. At this point for the past 38weeks and 4days, there was no point of a false contraction ever. This did take us by surprise for a bit, but we were able to take control of the situation. Of course, we were taught and trained by the best, brightest, and most experienced in the industry. Birthvillage has been a blessing from day one and there is no denying it. Today’s experience was a bit different though. Unlike with the initial false contractions, which slowly build its way consistently to very persistent true ones – ours was different. It all just came about like a tidal wave and took only 2.5 hrs to build all the way up. But one way of looking at it is, we’ve been blessed to have our labor progress at this rate – there weren’t any delays. We leisurely drove over to Birthvillage and finally water-birthed our baby girl by noon today. The experience was simply out-of-this-world, truly words don’t describe it well enough. From having the opportunity to touch our baby right when it was born, to that of cutting the cord ourselves – it’s simply magical. We can’t thank Priyanka and Donna enough for all their help today, especially with Priyanka having to drive back all the way from Coimbatore today. You guys are simply the best. The personal bonding we’ve experienced put us at ease through the whole process. And with we’re sure by today’s events, that God is by our sides, to have sent you Angels to take care of us. Happy Christmas everyone!!

Postscript: Around 2 years back I had noticed a young man drop a young couple Rajneesh and Dhanya to have their baby at Birthvillage. And now he comes back to have his baby while Rajaneesh comes to pick them up. Friendship is such a wonderful thing. This young couple in love was such a heartwarming experience for us it couldn’t have been a better Christmas for us. God bless!!

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