4 months after marriage we got to know that I am pregnant. The self-test shows a positive result and as every first-timer, we double-checked to make sure that we are not wrong. We were super excited as well as a bit tensed. We decided to go to the nearby hospital where many of our colleagues had their babies First trimester was a bit lousy and lost about 3 KG during this period. During the second trimester, the appetite kick-started. As both I and my husband are foodies. We went to buffets and had whatever we wanted. Then I steadily gained weight and the little bump showed up. Then there was the fluttering feeling inside the tummy. Later it changed to kicks and somersault. The power of kicks made us believe that it was a boy! The pregnancy period was good with no diabetes, swelling, or any other discomfort. We were going to the office as usual till the 37th week. Then during the casual checkup on the 37th-week doctor did PV. I was so scared of it as many of my friends forewarned that it was painful. But the PV was OK to me and immediately doctor asked to get admitted the next day. We were worried about what happened and they told us that if you get pain during the next 24 hours come ASAP. So we thought the baby is all ready to be born.So we got admitted the next day and we asked the nurses what the plan was. They told me that they will take me to induce next day morning. So we came to know that, this is what happens in that hospital. No one passes the 37th week. They have a timetable like all 36th-week people get admitted on that Sunday evening. Induce on Monday and if no pain, then repeat it on Tuesday and still no pain, will ask to wait for a day and then do the cesarean on Thursday. Take rest for 2 days and they will leave this batch on Saturday or Sunday and then the next batch is admitted on Sunday evening. So we asked why they doing induction. The true reasons for induction are either the baby passed 41 weeks or if there are any complications. In our case, the baby’s weight is normal, and no other complications. So we asked the duty doctor about the reason and she said it’s all about convenience. So we asked for discharge and left the hospital. We were so sad and depressed to know that this was common protocol.My husband reminded me about Birthvillage where they assist in births not just normal but in a natural way. With a heavy heart, we went to BV. The attitude and the way they deal with us were so so different from the hospital. In the hospital we are patients and here we are, moms to be. They patiently listen to us even after an exhausting 24 hours delivery they had the previous day. And everyone at BV keeps that smiling happy face. In the 37th week, we were too late to be admitted under the bv list of clients.But we convinced them as to how serious were and why it was important to us they accepted us and we enrolled in the classes and prenatal exercises. We did our best during this last period. We followed the diet they gave and never skipped the exercises and daily walks. My husband too followed the same diet and daily exercises. On 17th early morning, my mucus plug was released and yet I did my daily exercises and went for Lamaze classes. On the 18th I had started the feeling of contractions and entered the time and duration on the contraction timer app. The contractions were not consistent and we are waiting for that 5-minute interval contractions. But the contraction duration increased the next day. So we are back to our routine but still with the contractions in between. We went to the Lamaze class on that day. But I couldn’t sit there for a long time. So I attended the classes walking around. That evening when we went walking I felt much stronger contractions and during contractions, I stand still and walked. Also, I took a lot of steps. That night around 10 PM we messaged that we are having stronger contractions and they said when you feel ready come over. So we waited for 2 more hours and left by calling them. The gates were opened and they welcomed with a smiling face. By that time the contractions are stronger with an interval of fewer than 5 minutes. We were settled and around 2 PM the dilation was 8-9 cm. But the pain also started to kick in. By 5 AM the pain became stronger and I started pushing with a pause in between and by 7 AM the full-strength pushing started and by 20th April 8:30 AM I became a mother with a cute little princess in my hand. And I am in my husband’s hands. He pulled me up while I having contractions and pushing. My husband cut the cord and the most emotional moment ever we had ended up with no induction, no epidural, no episiotomy, and not even an IV. My baby was born just a few days away from its 40th week and nowhere close to 37 weeks. I had contractions on and off for 3 days peaking at night, and my husband supported me beautifully with my midwives encouraging mean positions, it was incredible. Thank you birth village for hearing us, for admitting us, for the exercise classes, teaching the breathing techniques, Lamaze classes. We love you so much. You guys are the most patient humans in the world. Moreover thank you for helping us to give birth to our beautiful princess Susan. Bv notes There are some clients who u wonder where they were all along. They are the perfect foil for each other. A dad who supports his wife in the best possible way. Though last-minute they followed everything to the T. Never questioned or doubted. They have done us proud much more than they can imagine Congratulations again!

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