“Children are the heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward”
Ps: 127/3

Hmmm, where do I even begin? Well, first of all, it’s hard to believe that lil Nathan has been here with us for over a week. His birth feels like it was just yesterday, and I think back on it daily with such gratitude.

I have always wanted to have a natural childbirth, without any medical interventions like pain induction, epidural, C-section, etc. I think that all birth stories are beautiful and unique. But for me, personally, I felt a deep passion for having a full experience of the whole childbirth process – pain, mystery, and joy. I’ve always believed that it was something my body was capable of, and made to do, and that the pain of childbirth is a privilege, not something to be feared.
This resolve led me to Birth village where I enrolled for the workout and Lamaze classes. With each visit my confidence grew and felt more and more convinced about having a natural childbirth. Once I made up my mind, I discussed my desire of a natural childbirth with Tom. He was initially not sure about the whole idea and started reading up about natural births and all the birth stories on the birth village FB page. This helped, but what really encouraged him was a simple logical comparison. He compared last 10 deliveries at birth village (all of whom I had met at the workout or Lamaze classes) and the last 10 hospital deliveries of friends and relatives. 6 out of the last 10 hospital deliveries we knew were C-sections, 2 of which had slight complications post birth due to negligence. Remaining 4 were normal deliveries but with the help of some medical interventions. The 10 birth village deliveries were not only normal births but each birth story was an intense and empowering experience. We decided it was going to be BIRTH VILLAGE.

D- Day
It all began on a Sunday morning 4:00 am when I opened my eyes and felt a “pop” inside of me. Since I was on high alert for signs of labor, I figured I should make a beeline to the toilet. …Just in case.
The moment I sat down, I knew my water had broken. I woke up Tom with a stir of nervousness and excitement knowing that this could be it, this could be the day. We informed Priyanka who calmly assured us to get as much rest as possible till the contractions start and thereafter to stay active through the contractions. Between 5:30 am and 10 am, I ate some fruits and managed to get some sleep in breaks. At 11 am I got my first “ow” .It was like the crest of a wave of a period cramp. The contractions came in regularly every 30 minutes but now it was more like “ow ow ow”. So far the pain was as bad as a stubbed toe. It was a “Damn!” pain, but it was still bearable. I was kind of proud of it, too of my body. It had finally kicked itself into gear. By 1 pm the contractions started to get stronger and stronger, where I would have to stop and brace myself with each one. Before we knew it they were five minutes apart, and then within a few contractions jumped to 4 minutes and then to 3 minutes apart and lasting 60-65 seconds. I was having my head burried in Tom’s chest every 3 minutes. By 2:45 pm the contractions had started to become quite intense and our midwife asked us to start for the birth centre.
In the car the intensity hit another level. We reached the birth center in 10 minutes and were guided to the birthing room. Instead of being surrounded by strangers and fancy equipments, here I was in a room lit with candles, dim lighting and surrounded by my favorite people. The smiling and assuring faces of My midwives ensured that I was in the safest of hands. I had dilated 4 cm. The next two and a half hours were a blur of intense pain, breathwork, and clutching on to Tom. All this while climbing up and down the flight of stairs and trying various Lamaze positions. It really helped make rapid progress and I was asked to get in the pool of warm water (5:30pm)I knew it was time.

Once in water, I pushed in every position possible taking cues from My midwives knowing that it would soon be finished. When each contraction ended, I would try and take deep breaths. 40 minutes of pool time and my midwife told me that the baby was crowning. I was moaning with my exhale. Holding onto Tom, I gave one last HUGE push and our little baby was out in the pool of water. My midwife laid him on my chest and the room exploded with the three of us crying in sync. Our baby was finally here, born at 6:10 pm.
All pain was gone; only pure relief and then total surrealness was felt. He was nothing short of amazing. You just can’t believe that moment is actually happening. You see it in the movies and all of your friends tell you about the moment, but until you experience it you really can’t fathom it’s actually happening. I felt EMPOWERED!
To my birth team.
I want to say thank you for all your expertise and support through my pregnancy, birth and post natal. There really aren’t words to express my gratitude for all you did to bring my baby safely into the world. I felt informed and empowered that it really was me doing it and making choices rather than being told what to do and what I couldn’t do. For the first time I approached labour with anticipation instead of fear. Thank you so much for giving me a new perspective on birth and a healthy baby. This world is a much better place for us Mommies because of women like you.

The one thing I wanted the most going into labour was Tom by my side. Going into labour without him was my biggest fear. Tom was a complete sweetheart and held my hand the entire time, talking me through each contraction and even taking deep breaths with me. Even when his face scrunched up in pain from me squeezing his hand, he still held on when the next contraction began.
Thanks Love.
Bv notes
A woman with a thousand questions who wanted to know be knowledgable to ask questions until the very last moment
Well prepared is an understatement for this beautiful mamma
Her husband was super solid at birth and continues to be one of the strongest anchor during postpartum
Well done . We are so proud of how you translated what you studied into your birth . Congratulations again!

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