Contractions setting in on 14/12/16 building up all the way through the next day and well into the night as they kept coming and going in a steady rhythm. And she kept it all to herself only to tell the Chechi in the house close to 12 when she felt it was peaking beyond her control In her words “I felt like rolling on the floor that’s when I decided maybe it’s time ” She comes in to the centre on 17/12/2016 at 2:23 am with a rosary in hand and with each push prays on one bead at a Time. She gracefully pushes her baby into this world 20 minutes later This super young one was born earthside completely in the caul ( with his sack intact )and took his first breath only when the midwives broke his bag Such an amazing holy moment … When you are pregnant at 16 with just 40 kilos to your frame there is so much that this young girl was challenged with. But she stuck it all out with a lovely smile throughout Worked hard on her diet , increased her calories to maintain a healthy pregnancy Never one to shirk work , often helped around the Tejus home. Did her books and went through her school work religiously. Life has been hard for her and probably hardest when she decided to hand over her baby for further loving care to the sisters at the orphanage She wept as she handed over her rosary to him with a request that it should be handed over to the new mum who would be blessed to take her of her son. This young girl has so much to teach us in letting go , endurance and courage On birthing with dignity and quiet and so much more With the true spirit of Christmas ringing in lots of love from all of us… As experienced by the midwives at birthvillage in connection with birth for change We would also like to take this oppurtunity to thank our many wellwishers and kind hearted individuals who have donated their time ,money and effort to this cause.Thank you so much again.We wouldnt have reached this far without you. To know more about work or to donate please do email or get in touch with us at

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