By first week of July I found out that I was pregnant and without giving it much thought I consulted a regular care provider and was asked to take rest for three months and so I decided to go stay with my folks.
Slowly people started to know about my pregnancy and that’s when my good friend Rohini Idicula called and detailed me through what they do at birth village.
I had not even considered birth village up until then.I was not convinced with what Rohini said but assured her that I ‘l come to the centre when I get back to Cochin.
Three months my so called rest period passed and I headed back to Cochin .I had decided to stay here for a week and then go back to Pala.
Rohini called again and this time I didn’t have any excuses so I took an appointment.Till my pregnancy I was regular at working out and I even started to pursue a diploma in patisserie.
We started out with enrolling at the classes at birthvillage and that’s where my learning began.
So began my commitment with the pregnancy workout classes hosted by birthvillage and they were so much fun .
Took our first appointment with our midwife …
She explained my first scan in detail which my gynaecologist never did.Then we did our first Lamaze were we were educated about healthy birth practices and about all choices and options Wherin we could decide how we wanted to birth our baby , lots of evidence based research and we were able to think independently for ourselves.
After the class me and Jeff were confident that how baby should be born and we wanted the best and decided that birthvillage was going to be the place .My midwives asked me to carry on with my normal life which I did.
Went for my diploma classes which would sometimes go from 10am to 7pm and my sis in law was getting married so went with her for shopping and did everything I wished to.
I Made sure I was climbing steps everyday and walked well apart from my workouts .
After our second appointment we booked our slot for birth ( without really discussing our choices with anyone else ).
I have to also mention at this moment I am the youngest in my house and often seen as the baby and top it all my dad works as a physician as well.
I also faced a lot of women both from within my family and from outside egging me to choose an epidural. In many ways I had a lot to be swayed in a completely different direction but both me and Jeff had done our homework and we were 200 percent clear about all the risks and benefits and each to their own.
My sis in law got married on Jan 8th and I was with her and the guests till early morning partying and people were surprised to see me active at that stage of my pregnancy.
After the wedding me and Jeff became more focussed on my diet and excercises.
Appointments followed and at each appointment we got to know that our baby was very happy inside my womb
My widwives heard my worries and cleared all the doubts I had.
Finally my contractions started on 28th Feb 2017.
They were very mild and irregular,
I Didn’t wake up my husband ,I managed it all on my own.
Next day I had an appointment and things were looking great.
At10pm on 1st of March my contractions became stronger and regular.
At 4.30am they became very intense and was coming at an interval of less than 3 minutes.
At this instant we decided to call our midwife and she asked us to come to the centre.
When I reached the Center My midwives was waiting at the door. To receive me
I declined vaginal examination and there is a story behind that which I shall detail below.
My midwives and not to forget my husband comforted me through each contraction.
After a while I was asked to enter the pool,the warm water was very relaxing and I got a break where I jus unwound down.
My midwife kept on saying” all pressure down “but at that point I wasn’t able to understand what she meant.
I was encouraged to eat and drink in-between contractions.
I was made to try different positions
Went on my hands and knees,used the birth rope and was made to lie down
I was sat on the potty seat during my contractions.
I was asked to march and walk
And then I understood what was meant by’all pressure down ‘
Started pushing with all my strength ans my midwives and Jeff kept encouraging me.Babys head was nearly there…
I was made to feel the head which gave me more strength to push harder.
Then I did the ‘left runner pose’ and with a strong push my water broke and my baby was born.
One push and he was fully out.
He had his cord wrapped around his neck and and around his arms.
I am pretty sure I would have to go under the knife if I was at a hospital for this one reason alone leave alone the waiting period .
He was straightaways kept on my chest skin to skin and in our hour I stared to nurse him.
And I felt so proud of my journey and where I had reached.

I was a person who could never handle pain so when I became pregnant I had decided to opt for c section since the birth stories I had heard up until then were very painful
Another reason for opting c -section is that I happened to visit a gynaecologist in 2016 for a regular check up and she did a vaginal examination which was very painful.She asked some unnecessary questions which made me feel offended and was asked to come for a scan the next day.I couldn’t sleep that night thinking something was wrong with me .did a scan the next day and everything looked fine but I was put on antibiotics for few days.Till date I don’t know why I was given the antibiotics
So from then I had decided to opt c section when I get pregnant.
At our first Lamaze I asked Priyanka if they do an internal exam and she said I could decide if I wanted it or not
Surprisingly I had a couple of stitches after the birth and I talked and laughed through them . I now know what matters is to have good communication and to be informed through the process which makes a huge difference.

And now after having my baby through a natural birth I feel proud of myself and a huge thanks to my midwives for instilling that kind of confidence in me during each workout and Lamaze classes .
During labour I never cried ,I never gave up ,I never thought it was not possible.
It was definitely very empowering and now there’s nothing it the world that I cannot do.
My pregnancy and the policies of Bv (that husband has to be present at appointments and Lamaze classes )definitely brought me and Jeff closer
He took such good care of me and never gave a chance to miss my parents.
I didn’t go to my folks after the initial three months at all .
He has a very busy schedule but inspite of that he made sure he sat with me and heard my worries and comforted me.
Dear jeffy ,you are the best husband I could ever ask for and now the best father to our lil Jordan .
Me and Jordan are definitely very lucky to have you in our lives.

My three midwives,my angels
The women I look up to every day
Thank you for making my birth memorable.
Last but not the least to my dear friend Rohini Miriam Idicula ,my birth story would not have been special if it wasn’t for your frequent msgs and phone calls.

Lots of love ,hugs and kisses from the three of us

Bv notes
It takes a lot of strength to over come trauma and to make turn around decisions
This is one mamma who did jus that
She learnt and unlearnt and trusted herself and did amazingly well
Her man was her pillar and they made choices that were right for them
Congratulations !! You guys did amazingly well!

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