The small cramps started in the morning. I thought they would go away, but they didn’t. Previously we already had two incidents where we thought the baby would come, but they both turned out to be false alarms.

By afternoon time, the cramps were getting stronger. They were still very mild so I still thought that it could turn out to be nothing, again. Around 2 pm I texted My midwife that I’ve been getting some small contractions, and she said to keep her informed. Soon after that though, the contractions quickly got stronger. The next time I told her of the contractions timings, she said she’s already on her way.

Things progressed quickly after that. It was good to labor and walk around freely. We put on the hypnobabies recordings in the background, which I believe helped somewhat. My midwife massaged my hips during contractions which felt really good. Bachan was there busy setting things up around the room and bringing me coconut water and food.

I had hoped for a pain-free birthing this time around, but alas it was still painful. 🙂 The pain increased steadily, and with each contraction, I had to focus on my breathing and the pain. Although this was our third baby, it didn’t get any easier. I was still not sure what stage I was in, and I didn’t ask My midwife if she thought the baby will be born soon, for fear that she’d say that this was only the beginning.

When the pain got too much, I then got ready to get into the birthing tub. Our previous two babies were born on land, so for our last one, I really wanted it to be a waterbirth. Once I got in the pool, the contractions got even more intense. Soon I could feel pressure in my bottom, and then I knew we were almost there.

At the very end, I felt that I was having a birth that I’ve read in books. Previously our babies just sort of slid out (there was no ring of fire), but for this one, I had to consciously push her out. It was an out-of-the-world experience, all my senses were just overloaded with the sensation of the baby coming out, and the enormous stretching feeling as her head was crowning as if my body was being squeezed and stretched at the same time. It was so intense that I remember thinking that I wanted to get out of my body, but there was nowhere to go. Then in a moment, she was fully out, and she looked so much like Thumbi, our first daughter. We called our two kids inside the room, and they were clearly in awe of their new sister. I’m happy that they got to see that birth is a normal and natural thing.

There’s nothing like the ecstatic feeling of just giving birth. Purna and I got settled into the bed feeling happy and relaxed. We were all so happy to finally hold her after waiting for so long. Then all the pain was gone and forgotten.

Recovery has been going well. Thanks to BV midwives and their guidance on diet and exercise, I felt stronger sooner and recovered much faster than previous. I’m thankful that my mom and Bachan were there to fully take over the running of things while I rested with Purna.
Bv notes
When you are in land, that is not your own there are so many challenges that one encounters
And this brave Indonesian mum is no exception who balances her work, her family at ease
All her kids have been at her previous births and the normalcy and naturality of it is so well ingrained in them
And the man of the moment has been very supportive in integrating and taking care of their children when she needed that break to unwind and to just let her be
P.s loved the Indonesian after birth spread. It was delicious !!
Well done and congratulations again !!!

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