My first delivery was a C section. In spite of having a healthy pregnancy without any complications. Although I had heard about BV at that time, I did not pursue that option as I was anxious because it was my first pregnancy and went with what everyone else advised. My C-section experience left mr broken and was followed by a difficult recovery. 2.5 years later I was pregnant with my second child. This time I did a lot of research and decided to contact BV early on in my pregnancy. The first Skype call in my second month was a confidence booster. But I was also informed that in case i wanted a VBAC I would need a very active pregnancy with a healthy diet. Once we decided to go ahead with BV, I improved my diet and joined pre-natal workout classes as advised by them. I came down to Kochi after 30 weeks and started regular appointments at BV and joined their workout classes . During this time I had a lot of unlearning to do from my previous pregnancy and I had to overcome my fears and doubts. The one-on-one appointments and Lamaze classes were critical in this regard as it was clear with all pros and cons and the choices being completly left to women and their families Three days after my due date, the contractions began. I stayed in touch with my midwife throughout the night, till she asked me to come over early next morning. The BV team continuously monitored the progress of my labour and encouraged me to exercise, rest, eat as needed. I also spent some time in the birth pool which helped me to relax completely and even sleep between the contractions. At around 4 I entered the last stage of labour and was ready to push. Pushing was really hard and there were times when I felt that I could not go through with it. However the firm but supportive words from my midwives, and the ‘Special Midwife Coffee’ helped me to keep going. Finally at around 5.30 my baby boy was born healthy and strong. And the eagerly anticipated moment when I held my baby in my arms was pure joy! Thanks to God for giving me strength especially when I thought I had none left. I wouldn’t even have thought of a Vbac without the support of my husband, who stood by me right from encouraging me to explore the BV option to being the rock on which I leaned on in the final stage. All the appointments and Skype calls with my midwife, where she answered even the silliest of my endless doubts provided confidence till the end. The fun workout classes helped me stay fit and more importantly taught me to listen to my body. Bincy took great care of me and the baby during that first sleepless night post partum and the house visits.Thanks also to all the Chechys and Admin staff at BV for all their help. Bv notes This mum worked hard on her fears,worked through research,and was clear and determined as to what she wanted. Her husband was steady and didnt falter and kept going when there were challenges. She trusted her faith and herself and in her team, to welcome her baby and what a powerful welcome it was!! With tears and with “mamma is right here for you”! Well done you guys!!! Congratulations again!

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