What we have experienced from birthvillage was quite unbelievable. We have heard about these kind of places , but all abroad as the midwifery model of care is very popular in the United Kingdom and in many parts of Europe .And we thought such dreams will always remain as dream always, as we stay in our home town thrissur. As fate would have it a couple of years back , we heard about birth village I wasn’t even married at that point however we both kept this in mind and decided, we will approach at the right time 10 months before, when we passed around birth village, we lost our patience,we just walked in collected brochure and talked to admin about birthvillage and the services offered. Still it was a wonder, With gods grace, very next week, we came back with awesome news that we were expecting and took an appointment. My pregnancy We really enjoyed every bit at birth village . As we are dead against using medicines or any interventions that were not ethical it was a festival for us. we didn’t face any health issues through out our last 10 months. I have to mention at this point that I started out with 92 kilos and my closing weight at birth was a 100 Yet I never developed diabetes / hypertension or any other issues We just followed the diet plan ate really healthy and was very meticulous at my workouts. We attended the Lamaze classes which is open to anyone irrespective of where they choose to have their baby. This is was where we learned and unlearned about natural birth . My birth This was where we were challenged royally The due date came and went with me feeling nothing 14/11/2016 I felt early labor cramps which came every 15 minutes all through the night hardly slept at all 15/11/2016 Dozed off lot during my morning contractions yet I knew enough about my body and labor that it still wasn’t time. They continued to come and go every ten minutes 16/11/2016 For a change now they were coming ten to seven minutes we went in for an appointment and was told my cervix was soft and around 2 cm dilated ( after 3 days of contractions) Baby sounded great and so was I 17/11/2016 Today was more intense as it pretty much stayed at every 7 minutes Towards the evening they were coming closer to every 5 min I was slowly loosing my cool My husband was a great sense of support and strength as he never left my side massaged my back all the time We left with our bags packed to birthvillage by evening Interestingly when checked baby was a bit more lower but still 2 cm Baby again checked and baby was as steady as a rock And we still were not in active labor We decided to head back home again only to come back within another two hours with contractions at around 12:30 pm with Back to back to contractions I walked , climbed steps , rested walked again , squatted , lunged and what not! I was encouraged all the way through . They gave me silent support when I needed it and encouraged me with words that kept me going and motivated all the way through And after another ten hours with all my power and strength kneeling onto my husbands lap I birthed my beautiful daughter on 18/11/2016 What a cherished moment of having accomplished my birth my way Now we are with a cute healthy baby in our hand. The best part is I quite well from the very next moment after I had the birth I felt least bit tired intact I had enough energy and exuberance more than any one else Now when we sit here at our home , we still thinking about the services that we have received from here. it was amazing.24/7 they were there online for any other queries day and night . Passing last hours of labour was very challenging and truly difficult only, but because of their care and love, we could face it boldly. We can not forget their faces in our whole life and we swear, we will keep in touch with them. Miss them a lot.. Love Neenu , Ravi and little mayohi Bv notes Clarity of thought , confidence and solid determination that’s what this young family is about She is a go getter right from the most minute And yes when baby came in wrapped in double nuchal cord (around the neck) it wasn’t a surprise why baby’s descent was slow The support that her husband provided was truly out of this world not once did he doubt or question. Hats off guys !you did an amazing job!

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