Febina and Jashid – The story of Haadi Wajdaan’s birth

“I first heard of Birthvillage from my husband’s cousin, who had her baby there. From when I heard about her experience, my husband and I had decided that this was the place we wanted to have our baby when we would have one.

When I connected with Birthvillage, one of the most important things I realized initially was how important it was to have a healthy diet, and also exercise. I did not have any fear about birth – and any little bit of worry that may have been there also completely disappeared after I attended the Lamaze classes at the birth centre. Everything was explained so properly that I did not have any doubts about any part of the process.

When my water, I was very calm. I just kept following the instructions I had been advised during the classes. And kept noting the time of the contractions. And even though they kept telling me on the phone, to rest, I just could not sleep. Every time a contraction would happen, I felt like being out of bed. My husband and I continued to take it one contraction at a time, and did some of the comfort measures we learnt in the class.

By that night the contractions had become more intense. I took a bath and collected my packed things, and we went to my cousin’s place – the same one who had directed me to Birthvillage. Since it was closer to the center, we felt this would be a good idea. By 12.30 a.m we felt we were ready to be at the centre. When we reached there, Priyanka ma’am was there, waiting for me. After a few hours I was so so sleepy, that I just could not keep my eyes open. Even though the contractions were going on, my body was just too sleepy and tired. And when I was offered a glucose IV, I decided to take it to give me more energy.

The last moments were hazy for me – I was on the bed, surrounded by the BV team, and I was fully leaning on my primary midwife, hugging her for support, I didn’t even know when the baby came out exactly. I felt a different kind of pain, actually that was the only time I felt it as a pain. I heard my baby’s cry and that’s when I realized he was born. It was 8.16 in the morning, and I was so thankful to Allah at that moment. My husband was with me throughout – giving me all the support I needed. I am so happy that I had this experience. Thank you so much to all the team at Birthvillage who helped me through the entire experience!

BV Notes:

This was a young mother, who although she was just 20 years old – had no fear through all the months that she came to us. She stuck to the diet and exercise guidelines perfectly. She had a self assurance to her, an inner strength that we could see clearly. There was nothing fancy about any part of her, and her personality was contrary to what many people think – that you have to be super smart or extremely educated to make an informed decision. She was one down to earth, quiet, determined young lady. Her husband Jashid was a perfect labour companion – coming to every one of the classes, and supporting her throughout. Her labour was from start to finish 26 hours, with the second stage 5 hours long. Jashid was unflinchingly by her side throughout every moment of this time. Using the comfort measures that were taught in class.
In her case, we did offer an intervention, which is not usually done – when we saw that she was extremely fatigued by the second stage – an IV glucose drip, which did give her a new surge of energy and helped her progress to the ‘pushing’ phase of the birth.
Thank you Febina for trusting your intuition at such a young age, and trusting us to help you have your baby!

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