Our journey from carefree boy/girl to responsible father and mother. We both have always lived a carefree life. I was always apprehensive of becoming a parent as I always felt I was not that mature to be a father. I was sure it was going to be a difficult phase and a big step for me. Lakshmi was reading online and decided that she wanted to opt for natural birth instead of a hospital delivery. I was petrified to the core. On one side I was scared that she might not be able to handle the pain and on the other hand, I was scared that I might actually faint during the process. (I remembered how I had fainted upon seeing blood when I took my father to the doctor for a single stitch to his injured head.) Lakshmi found out about BirthVillage while looking online for water birth options. We visited BirthVillage for our initial appointment and it was a huge sigh of relief to see a confident manner in explaining the entire process to us by the lead midwives there The whole process was a blessing for both of us. Attending Lamaze classes not only helped us understand the process of pregnancy but also helped us mature as responsible parents. The exercise classes helped her develop the strength needed for those final intense moments. Each and every appointment kept us on our toes with regards to her fitness, diet, and general health. On the 6th of January(5 days after our expected due date) we finally went into labor. I say “WE” because that’s what it actually felt like. It was a tedious process and long labor but they all stood with us patiently worked with us. Delivering our baby together has changed our world forever. We have both formed a bond that has sealed our relationship forever. We are closer than we have ever been. Our baby boy is blessed to have 3 Godmothers in the form of three midwives who stood through thick and thin. Being a part of labor has helped me mature from a boy to a responsible man and a father. Experiencing the labor along with her has not only helped me appreciate her for her strength but also given me a new perspective and new respect for each and every woman. Thanks a lot for changing our lives forever!!! Manpreet and Lakshmi

Post note If there is a real-life substitute for” Geet” essayed by Kareena in “Jab we met’ this mum would probably be the closest… Super lively, always armed with a chuckle, and full of beans. it’s probably her attitude that she never mentioned when she was in early labor for two days to us as she felt it was her job as a woman and not someone else’s responsibility to go through her labor. Her man very cool and relaxed was always a good foil, easing her through contractions when they were intense, telling her that she was completely on the right track even as labor became more challenging. They worked really well together, as they walked, lunged, pushed all the way TOGETHER Wishing them an amazing journey ahead! Love BV

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