On March 4th at 4.51 am in the early hours of dawn, our dear daughter Sidhartha Sangvi sneaked out to glimpse the world and made it possible to come out completely to feel the first step on earth. She is indeed the result of long-term preparations and contemplation. Our pregnancy too was a beautiful and divine journey of regeneration between ‘3 to 1’ and ‘1 to 3’. The Natural birthing center ‘Birth Village’ fulfilled our dream to explore the Gestation period, delivery, and post-natal phase of pregnancy, together, deviating from the cliché roles of a tensed husband taking laps outside the labor room and wife who leaves to her home on the 7th month of pregnancy and comes back husband’s home with the child after delivery and postnatal care. When we approached an allopathic care provider for pregnancy confirmation, the advice is given like not to travel, not to take stairs, mandatory bed rest, etc literally frightened us and forced us to recognize pregnancy as a state of illness. We were leading life to its full swing and vibrancy until then and the thoughts about spending our pregnancy in such a gloom lowered our energy and confidence. With the same state of mind as we climbed the stairs of Birthvillage, we heard our midwife’s voice, “You are not a patient. You are just pregnant.” Those words were actually opening the possibility to fulfill our wish of celebrating pregnancy to its best. We never had to confine our movements throughout the period of pregnancy. We could be everywhere we wanted to be. Be it those regular journeys to Ernakulam for consultation, trips to high range spots like Idukki, Wayanad, Paithalmala, Kappimala, Coorg, and Kollur, those sunsets at different shores, Goan Film Festival, Drama workshops, Classes, Scooter rides, Swimming, Dancing and what not! We had the gala at its paramount. Those suggestions and advice provided by our midwives during each consultation helped us to be more meticulous and devoted. It was important to do systematic studies and research for enjoying the prenatal, natal, and postnatal stages of pregnancy to their fullest. Our midwives stood with us as facilitators, resource persons, supporters, and tutors. By the afternoon of March 3rd, My mucous plug was expelled out and slowly the labor pain started. As our midwives suggested, we went for a relaxing, light-natured film, spent some quality time at a park walking, had delicious food to our taste, and went to bed at 9.30. But by that time the contraction had reached 30 seconds in 15 minutes intervals. We waited for it to reach 60 seconds in 5 minutes. Around 1, it reached between 45-50 in 4 minutes intervals, and we informed our midwife that we would be reaching there soon. As we reached Birthvillage around 1.45 am, we could see our midwives awaiting us with no signs of sleepiness on their faces, but the energy in full swing. The birthing room was ready with the desired lighting, the arrangements for a water birth, and all other necessary prerequisites in place. After the primary examination, our midwife told us that the cervix was dilated to 6 cms, which made us feel that we arrived at the right time. It took almost one hour of labor where I relaxed and slept a bit in the pool and another 2 hours for the birth. It was the ideal time to practice the knowledge we earned during the last 38 weeks of pregnancy. In between wherever we ran short of confidence and lost hope, we had our midwives by our sides like two energy reservoirs to bring us up. The support they provided was beyond words. They gave us full freedom to try out different positions according to our comfort, for a smooth delivery. At the end of the second hour, we, as one body, pushed the baby out; our daughter’s head peeped out at 4.51 am. Within seconds, her whole body came out to the hands of our midwife. She welcomed her like an angel and placed her on her mother’s chest with the umbilical cord still attached inside to the placenta. As the cord stopped pulsing her father cut the cord and separated her to a world that awaits her with stretched hands. It’s a very short narration of what we had gone through… there is a lot to say and pages to write… a big schooling and a beautiful phase of knowing life.. educating ourselves.. learning love… A big thanks to Birthvillage and to all those faces who were with us throughout this journey With much Love Thaniya Aji & Sidhartha.. <3 Notes from Bv What struck us the most in this young mum is her sheer excitement to have her baby.The pain was never part of her vocabulary nor was that ever a constraining factor even in her dreams. She was also quite meticulous in following a good diet in keeping her iron levels to optimal levels Her man was a true protector and nurturer at all times, Very cool-headed in labor even when there were challenges, and when she said she cant he said You can and you will!! This couple has strength, courage, and love all over which will pave the way to a great start for their little one. Congrats and happy parenting Lots of love

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