This mum came to us from Singapore. Interestingly, being a nurse, she was quite clear about choosing birth without interventions and about having her husband being there for her in labor, unconditionally, right from the start.
Plans aside, she is also blessed with every Malayalee girl’s dream …waist-length hair, something that in-laws will always boast about and our grandmothers will treasure.
She decided that pregnancy would be the best time to gift her locks for wigs to cancer-inflicted women/men for the simple reason ” hair can always grow back”.
With meticulous agendas on hand, her husband arrives and plans to be in Cochin till few days beyond her estimated date, gets round to Lamaze classes, and is completely ready for the birthday party to begin.
But as fate would have it, due dates come and due dates go…
As she sets into pre-labor, with contractions on and off every 15 minutes, strong enough to keep her awake at night. However, it spreads over 3 days.
At 40 weeks and 5 days, with a heavy heart, she convinces her husband that it is all right and that he should leave for an unavoidable company project to Norway and that she will be absolutely fine…
Another twist sets in … The day he left, she goes into active labor
Which spanned over the next 41 hours…The key highlight, being very slow descent of a posterior positioned baby which then shifted to asyncitism and finally to right occiput anterior, again one of the least favored positions for having a baby.
It would take another 17 hours after she was fully dilated to push this prince onto the earth.
She worked hard with optimal fetal positions, climbed steps, squats, and followed all instructions to the T, even with very painful back labor that never left her till the end.
When the chips were down, there was much-needed encouragement and motivation given which brought her back into focus with”I am doing this”.
And just before the dad-to-be boarded from the airport they chatted via Skype.
She voiced her concerns about whether the positions would cause an issue.
He replied with ” just trust and go ahead, you will not be the first one to experience it this way, you will birth the way it is intended”.

As she birthed her son boldly on the birth stool, she was in such awe of her power that she fell silent.
So much felt but only so much can be penned…
Woman power is such an amazing thing and to her dear husband though you were not physically present we knew you were with us in spirit.
Thank you so much for making our weekend so joyful and our lives so meaningful

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