There are some births that you feel Instinctively at you are pedalling a bicycle . This dentist mum had her first baby at Bv in 2013.Though an allopathic practitioner she has strong ideals in going for drug free birth without any medical interventions right from the start. This super tall mum at 5’10’ whose pregnancy weight hovers around 50-55 kg who hardly gains 8-10 kg yet has babies over 3.4 kg. She was always accompanied by her older daughter who was born in water for all her prenatals . She did an amazing job of educating her daughter about birth and what to expect . Shanaya was also fantastic assistant to her mother ,very attentive to baby and would listen to every word uttered during appointments . She would bring us pictures and little treats . It’s wasn’t any wonder that she was at the birth of her brother . Surprisingly for her it was just like any other day/night . Mum well supported by dad and her birth team birthed her son gently and rested well through into the early hours with her new family . Well done again and congratulations !!!

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