“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen for you-Paulo Coelho”
​Humbled and in awe at God’s amazing ways !!! My husband , Shyam and I over the past few years have endured to live life in its most natural and authentic manner. So when it came to our baby’s birth we were no different. After the usual sessions with two different hospitals we concluded that the hospital delivery model wouldn’t work for us. I did not want to be treated like a patient during pregnancy.
Our search on the web led us to BirthVillage which to our pleasant surprise was close to our native place. Having a water birth alongside my husband for support in the midst of capable midwives was my ideal birthing environment. One session with the BV team, we were convinced that it was the right place to be. We proceeded to convince our parents about our decision. Since Our midwives had all our queries answered to we had no trouble convincing anyone who put up a resistance. The consultations and Lamaze classes were so informative that I enjoyed every moment of my pregnancy. Fate had it that Shyam had to be away from us for about 3 months which was a big disappointment. However everything fell in place and we were together 24hrs before the D-day.
On 21st Jan, by 11am it started as back pain and eventually turned into real contractions. First call to Our midwife gave us strength to be patient and wait until getting back to back contractions every five minutes. Thereafter things got real fast. We reached birth village where smiling faces greeted us and I was checked for dilation and was then 2cm and we were asked to go back home till active labor hit.

After an hour by 4.30pm when the contractions got “real” and unbearable, we reached birth village. We went to the birthing room and helped in coping up with the contractions. Between different positions and asking me to snack and drink in between contractions. Labor progressed Normally just like any other event Later my midwife checked for dilation and I was around 8 cm and suggested using pool for some relaxation and further pushing. Wowww! Pool of warm water was heaven. Could relax really well and with that energy, together we tried many different positions. By 7.20pm or so, my bag of waters broke with a pop sound and “my three cheer leaders” gave me a real good cheer. I clearly remember three of you screaming (my birth team and husband )Yipeee!!! We continued labour taking strength from the focus and affirmations by Priyanka, and by 8.14pm Zariya was born in the pool and Priyanka placed her on my chest. The best moment ever. Yes Shyam and I welcomed our baby together to this world. Our dream had come true, every moment was exactly the way we wished it to be. A trillion thanks to God Almighty and the entire birth village team for walking us through our dream.

Our Birth Story is never complete without thanking our special postnatal care provider for her support during the night after birth and to our midwives for enlightening us about the Placenta, “the tree of life” and all the beautiful photos she clicked for us at the same time handling her midwifery role at its best. We witnessed God send angels in you. We feel really blessed and ready to lead Zariya into this wonderful world.
Bv notes
This brave mum made some moving decisions in pregnancy coming to terms with her husband may not make it to her birth or that she may go post dates Wherin he may be posted in another country and she reached that level of acceptance with utmost grace
It was to her total delight that her husband did make it in time and such a beautiful team they were together
Dad was overwhelmed with the efforts that this mum put forth for her birth and couldn’t hide his tears when baby was born
You guys were amazing !! Congratulations again

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