I am a firm believer in nature and I believe in letting things happen the way it should the natural way. Such was my expectation in birthing a child as well. But unfortunately I had a C section for my first pregnancy in 2014, which was not really necessary we were not explained why C section was thrust on me. We were pushed into the panic mode with more fear generated and with no choice left we had to accept the C section. That experience left me broken.
I was then determined for my second pregnancy I am going to surely have a normal delivery for which I started searching and researching on care providers who focus more on normal delivery. That’s when I came to know about Vijaya Krishnan from Hyderabad. I followed her on facebook, I loved her work so many reviews and articles on normal delivery. Ah this is what I wanted so I had fixed my mind that if I get pregnant the second time I would be consulting her.
I conceived for the second time in the month of July 2016. At this point I was at Bangalore Without a second thought I mailed Vijaya had consulted her over skype and call. That consultation was a total different experience , she spoke everything in such detail, from a simple diet to tests to scans she explained why and how. When I told her about my C sec, she understood what could have happened and explained why I was taken for an emergency C sec .
I was so happy and settled that I am going to birth at Hyderabad with Vijaya, but life always has its own plan. Due to unexpected family situations birthing with them was totally impossible. My dreams shattered but I didn’t give up. We relocated to Ernakulam when I was 6 months pregnant then didn’t consult any OB gynae yet. I was determined that I wouldn’t visit any hospital in this pregnancy. The more positive you wish what you want for yourself the more life offers you that, I got to know about Birth Village as I wished but couldn’t meet or talk to them. I had tough time to convince my family because birth with midwives was a completely new thing for them. They weren’t confident in my decision but I was fixed and firm.
At last I contacted BV and the first consultation was in my 30th week, me and my husband were there to meet the midwives. The consulting ambience was so different. We were welcomed with such big smile. Even a smallest check-up was done with my concern, when our midwife touched my bump with such care, smile and love I literally burst out with tears that’s when I strongly felt this is what I wanted and come what may I will not miss such an experience. Such a beautiful feel it was. Our midwife very clearly explained the pros and cons of choosing a VBAC. I was still very confident but my husband wasn’t. But we were told both husband and wife should be 100% confident about VBAC only then would it be possible . My husband was bound by many myths and felt that choosing VBAC in any setting would be highly risky. He said a big No ! I remember leaving BV with such heavy heart but somewhere I still had hope. The universe knew what I really longed for and Why…
Somehow I convinced my husband and we attended the Lamaze class, and that was a twist in my story. We were bombarded with truths and the myths faded, so much of information that my husband was 200% confident on the last day of the Lamaze. The plus is that all information is laid threadbare with all sides of the coin explained and one can decide what one wants for herself/himself.All thanks to the Universe and my dear Midwives for guiding us through the natural path to experience “THE REAL EXPERIENCE”.
I started with the workout class, never knew a pregnant lady can move her body so much with such ease. Donna just pepped us up with her routine workout and helped us relax us with her Meditation sessions. My Son Amrith 2 ½ years old would accompany me to the class and would have a good time. These workouts prepared my body very much for the labor. Till my last week of my pregnancy I had no discomfort, I did everything like any other normal girl. My body was at such ease. All thanks to My workout midwife
My due date as per the scan was 8th April 2017, on 4th April 2017 there was the first indication, noticed few slight spotting but no pain or discomfort so went to the workout class and worked out as usual. My midwife just congratulated me and asked me to JUST BE and experience what is happening. I did the same, didn’t inform anyone in the family (as they would panic) except my husband as he was the informed one . On 5th early morning mild contractions started, it was very mild that it totally didn’t bother me. I could stay so relaxed all because of the Lamaze. Lamaze classes at birthvillage were such a big eye opener and a couple can gain immense confidence to face labor in calm and relaxed way. 6th April the contractions were even more intense but bearable we informed our midwife ,she was in continuous touch with us and guided through every step from then. I was very happy for what I was undergoing such relaxed was the phase. Had I been to any other care provider I doubt if this situation could have been handled the same way. On 6th evening the contractions were getting more intense and we were asked us to get out of the house YES, she wanted us to have some good time outside. So I, my husband and our son went to the beach by bike, I had asked if I can go by bike, she said a big YES and there we go…
Our beautiful Cochin roads and every hump on it helped my labor, the contractions were getting even more intense. During every contraction I would just pause with my eyes closed but relaxed. We played in the beach then had a good dinner met few of our relatives, who were actually surprised to see me roaming with my due date anytime around. They were like you are supposed to be in the hospital and why are you here… and there BV stands unique.
6th night by 11.30 p.m active labor started (or I believed so), the pain was quite unbearable, I still tried to stay calm, read stories to my son and put him to sleep amidst of the contractions and by 2 a.m I woke my husband and asked to inform priyanka that it was very intense. Priyanka asked us to go to the BV. We reached BV by 3 a.m my midwife was at the door she received us with such big warm smile, the same smile which I experienced on our first consultation. We discussed and I was helped with few massages and that was such a moment of divinity that I would have to say that midwives have real magic in their hands. At 4 am when checked I was actually 2 cm dilated and have not even entered the active labor which I thought I had entered, the contractions were already intense and I had no clue what was coming further. We were asked to go home as I was only in my early labor. I didn’t want to leave BV because I was more confident around midwives and that place has so much of positivity. We rested there till 7.30 am, when checked I was just 3 cm dilated. There was just 1 cm dilation in 4 hrs, that’s when midwives knew a change in place would help me go further. This timely decision of midwives was so important in my labor. They knew everything that was going to happen, such was their expertise.
We were asked to leave BV to take a break which I was not ready for, but midwives insisted and said that it might bring in a change. So we left BV by 8 am took a room at Broad and Bean hotel close by as our house was a good hour away .My early labor hours were so unbearable, I developed severe back pain and I was almost in the verge of giving up. But our midwives didn’t give up on me not for one moment because they knew how important this is for me. Their continuous guidance was amazing; I really look up to them for their patience, calmness and dedication. During my hours at BV I don’t remember my midwives leaving me, they were always with me helping me in some way during every single contractions. I don’t know if they had time to even drink waters or even take a restroom break.At Broad & Bean I could rest for a while which was important for me to go ahead through labor also I was not able to eat anything my throat was dry, My husband helped me a lot during those hours he fed me and ensured that I rested well to face last hours of labor. At 1 p.m( I guess) I told my husband I can’t take it anymore and let’s inform Priyanka that I can’t do this. Husband said nothing, he said lets go to BV and then decide. This is where he stood out without faltering .The minute we reached BV the feel was different, at Broad & Bean I was not even able to walk, reaching BV I was more active, the place has great aura which one will realise only in true labor .When I was checked at 2 or 3 p.m I was already 6 cm dilated. OMG that was the moment for me, I was super confident from then.
I was asked to walk, try different positions during contractions, continuous massages, motivating words and warm smile kept me going. Baby’s heart beat and my blood pressure was continuously monitored. I had not eaten nothing from morning, I was not able to, but my midwives made sure I ate. I was offered Kanji from BV, My midiwife was feeding me as I was walked through the contractions. What more would a women at labor need. So much of love, only that helped me completely face labor amidst of the intense pain. By evening 6.30 pm I had entered the last stage of labor, my husband’s help was great during these hours. He climbed the stairs up and down umpteen times with me and bore my strong clenches during every contraction.
My third midwife made it to the climax, Yes, it was 9 p.m and we were reaching the final part of labor all 3 midwives (angels, soul sisters, divine mothers) around me continuously making me to pressure down, my divine girl made her way out to see this beautiful world at 9.26 p.m. Such joy around, I made it, YES THIS IS WHAT I WANTED AND IT HAPPENED but not without my midwives support.
My birthing experience was Intense yet blissful, this is an experience for lifetime. It’s been a month now, but still everytime I think about this experience tears fill my eyes such was this experience to me. Every day I pray to the divine to make every woman crave for such experience and to give them the strength to experience it. This experience has changed me in many ways, I have understood my strength, I see the strong mother in me, now I strongly feel a woman can face any pain and feel anything is possible with love and positive energy.
All thanks to the divine cosmos, it started as a thought, the more I dwelled on it the cosmos made me experience it. I humbly prostrate to all my dear MIDWIVES for making this happen and giving me such an experience. And I thank my dear family, my sister and my husband for without their support this could have not been possible at all. My husband stood by me when our family members were not happy with the decision I had chosen and helped me gain such experience and thanks to my son because he had never spent a night away from me, but he understood what I was undergoing at such young age and adjusted so well at home with his aunt (Co sis- Big thanks as she played big part in taking care of my son). Not to forget to thank my mom’s (both mine and husband’s); though they were filled with fear about the decision I had made, they calmly stood by my side. My special thanks to my friends for their prayers and they believed I would make it, they have always believed in my decisions. Last but not the least thanks to my fellow workout moms who shared pregnancy tips, their previous experience and our good peppy talks after workout. You have all helped me much more than you can ever imagine
Bv notes
There are some women who come in late through our doors but you can instinctively feel their sincerity and dedication Gayatri is one such mother
Her hard work was so commendable that we wish she could be godmother to one and all
Her husband who started out in his first prenatal worried turned out to be amazingly strong and bold in labor
His tears at birth will also be a testament to this life changing experience
This is also one of our first births where we able to collaborate with our sister midwife in Hyderabad Vijaya . Lots of love and power to you as well.
An amazing birth that we will treasure for a very long time
Gayathri Kiran Kiran Babu

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