This lithe girl came to us when she was 7 months into her pregnancy.
Abused for over a long period, ensnared …but her heart was ever strong when she said ” I did not do anything wrong. I was trapped and sold and I can say that anywhere”
She grew strong in her resolve to birth over the weeks as she exercised, talked, and finally laughed with her soul open.
As the time came closer to have her baby she asked with her eyes wide open “will I do this?”
“Yes, you will, my dear, you have a beautiful life ahead, school, friends, and a bright future!”
“Would you like to have a juice or something to eat?” we asked
“If it would not be a bother, can I get a coca-cola please,” she said
” Yes, of course” and coca-cola it is!
She continued to work hard helped by her midwives and sisters and birthed a wee little princess
We all wept together encircled as she said
എനികെന്റ്റെ ജീവിതം തിരിച്ചു കിട്ടി. ഇതിന്റ്റെ അപ്പുറത്തേക് ഒരു പിറന്നാൾ സമ്മാനം വേറെ ഇല്ല.(I have received my life back. I could never receive a better gift on my birthday!) This day marked her birthday as well.
As we calculated how much ml we would need to feed the little mite
Our peer Breastfeeding counselor turned around and said ” Why are we doing all this ?”
“Because we have to feed the baby”
“Well I can keep her skin to skin and feed her as long as she is with us”
It just took the wind out of our sails and tears welled up yet again more so in our hearts.
Thank you so much for being generous to share your blessedness with another little one.
As the young mamma held her little one with deep silence blessing her with words and hugs knowing fully well this may be the last time she may be able to do so.
We reveled in their strength and the open love that a mother had for her child despite whatever circumstances they were born from.
As she left she declined to see her baby again with such deep sorrow as it would be a goodbye that would be hard on both of them…
And we understand and respect choices made and bow our heads down to your power…

Post notes
We are so grateful for our staff, from birth change and from Dil Se for the excellent work done
We acknowledge with deep gratitude the donations that we have received which help us to support and provide wholesome care to our young mothers.
The young mum continues to be healthy and vibrant while the little one is welcomed in another beautiful home with many lovely mothers to fuss over her…….

As experienced by midwives at Birthvillage in connection with Birth for Change foundation and Dil Se

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