Some mums grow on us and become our Bv family so much so that birth becomes jolly good fun right through prenatal and birth and the postpartum days thereafter 20/5/2017 This mum jump started her day with contractions and chatted with her midwives and what to keep a watch out for. Every second time or third time mum expect babies to come flying out.But we encouraged her to have a nice relaxing day doing things she loved the most. She decided unlike her first labor she would eat all things she desired and boy did she give our city’s favourite joints a run! She began with French toast-breakfast cooked by amma Supplemented with Karikku Being a lawyer who would like to plan ahead she called us to check in whether she could come in for vaginal exam so that she could get a feeling as to when the baby would make it appearance .For a change we declined and said no to the vaginal exam and told her it wasn’t required and encouraged her to relax and keep her mind off labor. Lunch at the famed Cochin bakery with vegetable sandwiches and butter bean buns.( need to try this one out) She then proceeded to down a milk Mango milk shake Haji Ali and went had to contract with friends along with banana chips Fort Cochin . During all this she would squeeze her husbands hand while he changed gears while driving around the city The ever smart dad kept in her good spirits with light hearted banter throughout. A couple of Meat puffs ,samosa , stuffed buns from hot breads thrown in by evening . “This baby is so in unpredictable “says mamma “Why is my labor slowing down”? “Will my labor would continue “? Admist all this little Madhu was watching her dad support and massage her mum while Laboring at home. Oh and must not forget that mum snacked on M and M’s throughout . Back home 8:30 pm only to have labor take off to the next level . They decided to come into birthvillage by around 11:45 pm and they rocked , danced and hummed songs from their older daughters Madhu’s playlist. And by 1:35 am mamma held on to pappa’s arms pushed with her instinct and a dapper baby boy was born. Mum squealed as she was almost certain it would be a girl. Dad cool as ever eased her into postpartum again. He cuddled the new baby , cleaned him , fed her meals just like a new responsible father would . She looked radiant and lovely with the postpartum afterglow You will always be special to us .Congratulations again!

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