This mum came to us after a few of her friends had her babies at the birth center
She decided to wait to do her classes at the very end of her pregnancy as she chose to wait for her husband who had to arrive from Dubai.
During a prenatal at 37 weeks she said she wanted to wait till Onam was over so that she could have her baby after that( but clearly baby had other plans…..
At 37 weeks and 6 days while they were busy chatting into the night waters broke with mum reporting a pop sound
The cool husband remembered from the appointments yes! You need to sleep well before active labor starts and sleep they did!
Into the morning as labor had still not quite kicked in it, they went to church for the regular Sunday mass did Lamaze classes later at noon on stages of labor so that they could have all the important information on hand, and decided to wait till both baby and mamma were ready .
They headed back home where mamma had a good nap and woke up to good rocking contractions by evening 4 pm and decided to come into the birth center at 5:30 pm
Love the fantastic support that her husband gave her though he had very less time with the midwives at the center, never faltered a bit .thats one strong man…
She worked hard changing positions, labored in the pool, and pushed for good three hours standing, squating, lunges before the little prince could make his appearance
This mamma trusted her midwives and gave it her best and nodded to herself often with her midwives encouraging her Yes you can! You can !all the way .
Such good team effort coupled with information and knowledge goes a long way into having the best birth possible
We are very proud of you. Such good work in such a short time! Well done!

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