We are proudly announcing that we are adorned with a little Prince. Let’s have a small story about our journey of pregnancy. With immense pleasure, we identified that we are pregnent, and that a small heart was beating inside the womb on 2016th May. As per the routine custom we made our decision as consulting a regular institution .As per normal protocols we were forced to follow a good number of scans and medications. Beginning of second trimester, they mentioned placenta previa in the scanning report and there might be a C section on the picture .As a result what started out with a lot of happiness turned slowly into a nightmare Afterwards at every consultation we faced a lot of threats from their end which further brought our morale down We had already heard about Birth Village(BV), the natural birthing center. We started follows their blogs and gathered informations. One day we visited BV and made our first appointment. The very next day we connected with Our midwife .We submitted our scan documents and explained all our fears with her. On palpation it was observed that our baby was breech which was confirmed by the ultrasound document and we were worried about that .However after that consultation itself, we realised that a lot of our fears were unwanted and there was a still a lot that one could do In spite of position of the baby we took a bold decision that no more consultation with the previous institution .We started the lamaze classes, consultation, workouts and diet plans. The first week we started working on breech tilt exercises we were able to change our breach position as normal. A lot of you may think you may have to be naturally brave to take this step we have to say we started in the reverse as it has taken a lot of consults to work through fears a lot of internal struggles to reach the point where we finally stood My darling wife completely dedicated herself to birth plan. She had to refrain from all her favourite foods and activities. On our 38th week of pregnency, our labour signs started. Off with our waters breaking . Waiting , waiting .Then after 48 hours our first stage of contraction started. After completing 24 hours of early contractions at morning 2 AM Jan 24, the real active contraction started and we reached there by 2:45 AM and both our midwives mmade us welcomed us warmly They provided a very strong support and care and provided one to one monitoring which we are pretty sure we wouldn’t have received as otherwise .We both followed their instructions and we kept on changing our positions and worked hard . By morning 8:45 AM we heard the first cry of our charming hero. I have to also add that due to our past experiences my wife had declined a vaginal exam which was accepted without any ego and our son was born without any internal checks .At that moment we both felt on top of this world .In This situation I realised the extreme power of women both mentally and physically. I Felt proud for being a strong mama’s husband. Thank you dear for making our life more meaningful. Both mother and baby continue to do well . Both of our heart offer our thanks to the strong, super ladies Our midwives You both are really doing a great effort for the families who engaged with you. With Love, Saju, Tinu and baby Abram. Bv notes Scientific Evidence clearly points out that one can wait with broken waters with expectant management for labor to begin Upto 96 hours and one of the thumb rules for this would be no vaginal exams unless the mother in active labor and by having temperature checks done every 4 hours It also involves detailed consent which involves clearly explaining both sides of the coin to the parent and shared responsibility . These two young parents have trusted themselves and resolved to make the decisions out of courage and not through fear through data and facts It was a pleasure to be a part of your journey and watch you grow throughout this process (We have to add that we admire how deeply connected both of you are) Congratulations once again .

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