If you ask me have I ever seen angels, now after meeting my midwives I will say Yes for sure. Let me start my story with my search for Natural birth, I live in Delhi NCR … Where work is more about selling baby birth as a luxurious thing rather than a birth experience… They say they can give you packages and categories of birth with institutions competing with each other that led me to search for a natural birthing center that isn’t remotely linked to what I saw or heard about Finally I found my birthplace and that too in god’s own country Called Birthvillage, Kochi and inquired about them, the name appealed to me right from the beginning we decided to check the birthing center before we take any final decisions and we flew to Kochi…My husband was not too much confident about birthing the baby naturally, I will literally use the word Natural because in NCR we only know Normal delivery or C-Section delivery. Finally, he was impressed and we were ready and excited to choose how our baby should be born Provided we gave it our best shot We were in contact with Our care provider in Gurgaon, who on day by day basis was literally turning me to prepare my mind towards c-section. I remember all initial prenatal experience in my hometown which was all to do with scans and reports which even I could also read and understand and accordingly they have never touched my belly or tell the baby’s position, nor did they measure fundal height. Your insurance company, Your Diagnostic center brand name and when they are over with these so-called pre-checks they come to the main report i.e important thing at the very end of a visit which barely lasts for 5 minutes Now coming to the day … The big day. At 11 pm on 12th June, my contractions started and I started counting them with my hubby and applied all the knowledge which was given in Lamaze classes because my contractions were every 5 minutes or so…..And yes I felt that I am inactive stage of my labor, called our midwives and I was asked to be brought there..but when I went I was checked and found to be just 2 cm We decided to come back to our place but my contractions still continued… Finally on 14th June at 1:30 AM midnight, I felt like now I can’t be at home and I have to move to Birthvillage. I went and I was examined and said that I was now 4 cm( it took me a good 24 hours just to dilate from 2 to 4cm )now was the time that I have to face my contractions and as we say in BV that I and my baby both are stronger than these contractions….. This is the time when I needed full support from my hubby and he did his work awesomely. I and my husband were nothing without the support, care, determination, confidence, trust that our midwives gave us that day..! I can’t forget that complete night I spent in BV with my three supporting pillars My two wonderful midwives and my husband..! I still remember those words “Breath in … Breath out … Take deep breaths..See look at me Priyanka You are going to do this … You just have this “believe me it was the Master Key to walk in boldly facing your contractions. It was the only Mantra to work with them I was feeling lucky to have these people around me. Finally, at 7:53 AM our Lil princess was born in the birth pool with my husband supporting me in the pool from behind and she was on my chest! What a moment!!! It is still in my eyes and it’s going to be for my entire life. Yes, my labor lasted over 31 hours but it was worth every bit… Now coming to my midwives There are no words to describe you guys.Support, determination, and care are all understatements..! we are not able to return in any way your hard work back to you..! and I am really sorry for this. But trust me the work which you both and your team are doing is not a cake. If I write the whole night even then I can not express your help, your support, your kindness, and your dedication. Trust me I really learned from you guys what commitment and determination are Thanks again to both of you and your team from the bottom of my heart. You gave me that feeling and gift which I will always treasure forever Bv notes If they say that some births can stun then this would have to be one of them For Starters the resilience that this mother displayed even when she took a whole day(24 hours ) to go from 2 cm to 4 cm Never asked why was it only so much in such a long span of time A man who never stopped rubbing his wife’s back for a good 36 hours Star Moments – when mamma touched baby’s head as she was about to be born and said ” love to you too” It was impossible not to be overwhelmed when finally the little one was born Congrats. You had us in tears … Also it is amazing how women always find the birth path that speaks to them at that moment. What women resonate with–hospital/birth center / dr/midwife- is an important part of the choice. not all will choose one way but having options is vital to the healthy journey to becoming a parent. It may take a lot of searching and questions to find the right place but women do.. so kudos for the places that create the right questions women are asking now about birth!

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