@Birthvillage second time around with my family I wanted to have an undisturbed birth unlike what happens in Conventional Hospitals, with all the stages of pain, pleasure, and motherhood and that’s when I came across a program on television about Birthvillage on Natural and Safe Birthing. To my surprise, the first delivery @ Birthvillage was not only just undisturbed But An UNFORGETTABLE DIVINE EXPERIENCE! I never knew Natural birthing is such a splendid experience,“ when we accept it the way it is.” As any other delivery I too had painful(UNBEARABLE IS A MYTH!) contractions, but it was at the same time a flow of magnificent power from within and an ultimate divine-Spiritual Happiness. I have never felt so natural and pure before. My midwife always said “Each Birth is Different” and I was confident that I will Be able to Let GO, as it comes-Like the First one. But this time it was a hard labor, I was fighting and resisting it. I could bring it down to two Reasons • I was down with fever and chills before and during the birth • A mild but very unpleasant pressure on my tail bone(Coccyx)-due to my baby’s positioning- since 2 weeks, which grew worse 2 days before labor and became intolerable right before labor. The hot water bag was my friend But since my elder son Rehaan was down with fever as well and my husband(Anand) had to attend to him full time, I requested them to opt for a separate room. Anand after attending Rehaan regularly visited me, but I was hesitant to demand frequent hot water bags and his physical presence. All these mixed feelings made me feel emotionally weak and insecure( I feel I made a really bad decision to stay alone when I really wished and wanted to have Anand’s presence,help and support).At last at around 2am, this insecurity and fear reached the point where I started crying loud and calling him for help. With a hot water bag, it slightly subsided. At around 3 am, it started turning into contractions. We waited till 4:30 am with regular pain interval counting and monitoring. Though I was not worried about labor pain, I had all sorts of negative thoughts due to this unpleasant coccyx pressure, and this fear so strongly registered within me that I resisted pushing during birth and I felt that maybe I wasn’t going to have this baby after all. Also during active labor, the fever also worsened leaving me to feel very weak and sleepy. Between each contraction, I actually slept. My midwives asked me to walk, rest, and hydrate myself I remember requesting them whether I can sleep for half an hour and then restart with the pushes I was resisting the contractions, and my midwives and Anand cheered me not to fight it. I tried two –three positions, the last position was me squatting facing Anand who was standing. I could see my midwife struggling hard to watch the push in this position, but hats off to her, she didn’t disturb my comfort, rather she asked Anand to slightly keep his legs apart, and the rest the picture says!! Because it was at Birthvillage I could be comfortable with this hard labor. If this was anywhere else either it would have ended in a C-section or I would have suffered in the lithotomy position. Rehaan During Delivery:-Fathers note: The best part of this delivery was our 3-year-old son-Rehaan was present for his sister’s birth (playing around, eating dry fruits and nuts, asking questions like Baby Varraru Aayo? Baby enth Varaathe? Kneeling down, when Aparna squatted –curiously looking at the birth. He loved being present when his baby sister was born and was been very easy going and loved being at the birth and so did we as we all stayed United on welcoming our angel earthside Bv notes Honest frank and being very open are hallmarks that these parents possess And it’s that sense of truthfulness that has worked for this mamma during her prenatal, birth and postpartum Rehan was as inquisitive as ever at birth with questions, facts and helped in being very vocal cheering his mum on Dad was always to contort himself to any position that his woman wanted for birth Roles well played … A birth well enjoyed by all of us Congrats again and such a pleasure it was !!!

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