Renjini and Anand were focused on a Natural birth.An amazing couple who have worked hard from A to Z. But their baby needed to be born by a C-Sec for specific health reasons. A strong reminder that midwifery is not just about natural birth, but it is also equally about supporting each couple and women to make informed and evidence based decisions for a healthy outcome to mothers and babies. And we are proud to have been of service in this capacity to this wonderful couple. Congratulations, and best wishes on your parenting journey!

‘It was a cold evening as we drove to the institution of our choice. We went in and signed the forms. Forms that mentioned to us the very real risks of very serious risks to the mother and our baby. There is not much time for all the reality to sink in as we moved in a pre-orchestrated opera that is Cesarean Section. This was not what we had planned. We had heard the way that the medical system has misused the complex medical practice that is used only under the most extreme of cases. But we had to go with it because there were issues detected with our pregnancy. We had gone in a few days earlier to BV for our regular checkups and this was where we found traces of a problem.

This was the reason why Renjini had selected BV. What BV meant for us was:
Homely care with a human touch. Bringing back the culture of having Midwives coaching the parents through the toughest period of pregnancy.
Getting us over the fears and the worst-case scenarios that always run in the background.
Working out how to go into the pregnancy healthy and help the baby and the mother thrive after the birth.

We were hoping for all this. But what we got was to be part of a community of like-minded individuals. There are the Midwives who form the core of the BV family. But it is refreshing to be around like minded families who are also striving towards the same goal. Weekly activities would include classes that educated us regarding nutrition, exercise, medical interventions etc. The women get to perform exercises and meditation every alternate day to keep them to the peak of their fitness. We learnt that what we needed was a way to keep the body fit but also the soul peaceful. All our actions were to peak toward one objective and one only. We wanted to have a healthy baby and that was a common goal for the families that attended with us. It is calming to not go into a clinical setting but also attend classes in a family atmosphere. We asked questions freely. We had also been placed on a diet to keep the blood glucose level as stable as possible. Daily regime of morning walks was added as well.
Every few days we had checkups where it was critical to have vitals of both the mother and the child checked. Blood pressure and weight needed to be in check. There were also quite a few queries. We always had a frank discussion which put our uneasy hearts at ease. Pregnancy is a complex affair that needs guidance every step of the way.

But it was during these visits that we found that there were fluctuations in my dear wife’s blood pressure. It was a red flag which was noticed and diagnosed as potential danger to the mother and the baby. Were immediately dispatched to a doctor. We ran through a battery of tests. There were a couple of issues that were identified. The blood pressure variation were getting more erratic. High blood pressure and possible blood flow issues to the baby are a risk to both mother and child. Aside from this there was also protein present in mothers urine. The doctor spoke to us and gave us his recommendation. It was not that we will have to go with a Normal or induced birth but directly to C-Section. He warned every minute we delayed there was a growing danger of complications. He alluded to a condition called preeclampsia.
As we stepped out of the hospital premises and into a car we argued about the next plan of action. Renjini was adamant about still going through natural birthing. But after a while off to and from and after speaking to our midwives the new reality dawned on us

And hence there I was in the cold night in this otherwise empty seeming hospital. My eyes gazed upon the entrance door of the OP ward. I heard footsteps and it was the doctor. “You are blessed with a healthy girl” she said. “Both mother and daughter are healthy” as she continued. I was on cloud nine and there was nothing more I had wished to hear. She informed me they would bring the child out for a viewing. And there she was beautiful and frail baby. As she was brought forth I uttered a faint set of words she turned toward me as looked at me. I was awe-struck and fatherhood finally dawned on me. I never expected a newborn to look and react to stimuli as she did. But the journey of child birth was now complete. A new chapter thus opened and it was that of parenthood. We are overjoyed at this miracle of nature. And so thankful to all those who helped us navigate this complex and sometimes perilous journey. We did go through a different route of birthing but under certain circumstances it is necessary to take medical options. This was part of the training we had undergone from Birthvillage, and we were lead to safety by the midwives.

This is not just a shining recommendation to all the companionate care we received at Birth Village Cochin. It is a recommendation to all those who strive to make natural birth possible. We are forever indebted to the midwives at BV Cochin – Donna and Priyanka. For it is through this endeavor that we had a healthy mother and baby.
Forever Grateful,
Renjini and Anand

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