My desire to have a natural birth experience, which has the least medical intervention, led me to the doorsteps of Birth Village Cochin. I had previously heard of BV through many of my friends and relatives who had their birthing there. I had also been inspired by the birthing stories I read on their facebook page and being in my hometown, BV became my obvious choice for delivery.

Now, about Birthvillage
Unlike the usual institution atmosphere, the centre is in a house in Vytilla. There are no equipments which creates panic in an expecting mom. Mothers are not being treated as patients but with much respect and care. The admin staff, was very hospitable, especially Ginju.

Midwife Priyanka
I would say midwives are truly god’s angels. As she said, they are crazy to work such long and odd hours, continuously providing care and attention to each and every mom and baby. The love they have for the babies can be seen in their eyes every time they feel the baby’s kick or listens to its heartbeat. In the first meeting which lasted for an hour, she meticulously went through each and every report and explained everything to us. She addressed my fears and concerns, and kept on giving me confidence. I realised that my baby and I are in the safest hands. Through our monthly check ups, which came down to weekly check ups as I neared the due date , she made sure that I stuck to my diet and exercise routine strictly. From the 36 th week, the way they attended to us are beyond words.

Midwife Donna
Another angel of God, a power house of energy, who made us sweat out in the workout sessions and cared for us day in and day out. My sister and me still replay the workout songs and have fond memories about it.

She took so much care of the baby and me post delivery and during post partum visits.

The night my baby was born:

At around 1.55 am on 30th December morning, my waters broke. I messaged my midwife about it and she asked me take enough rest and eat well. Mild tolerable contractions at half an hour interval started coming by morning. I was asked to come for a check up late afternoon where I was told that I could expect things to move along more later that night; to go for a long walk, rest well and to eat well. By late evening, the contractions became more frequent and lasting. My husband contacted Priyanka and she said the interval should reduce to 5 minutes and they should last for 60 seconds. When it progressed that way, and the pain became more intense, Priyanka asked us to come to the center. When we got there, my midwife was waiting for us. I was crying out during contractions, and that is when she asked me to breathe during contractions, which gave me some relief. I was checked and informed that I had dilated to 8 cm and could stay on. This gave me much relief. It was time for me to get into the water.

After some time, the pushing stage started and Priyanka and Donna gave me tips on how to do this. My husband held my hands from behind while I was pushing through the contractions. After an hour and half in water, when the labor dint proceed further, I was asked to get out of the pool and use the birthing rope. She told me that the baby’s head has crowned and to feel it! The pushing continued and then I was asked to change position. Prasanth, who was behind me supporting, came to the front and the midwives went behind me. In one last push, the baby came out and the midwives caught her. Our baby girl was born at 2.54 am on 31 December morning. The baby was kept on me for skin to skin and Prasanth cut her cord after about an hour. Then, while my midwife attended to my stitches, the baby was given to her dad for some skin to skin. Bincy helped me with the latching and feeding and kept checking on us. I was given yummy hot chocolate, kanji and payar and food later on. The chechis also gave me a much needed bath in hot nalparam water and we were discharged the same afternoon.

I had the most amazing birthing experience, where I fought my fears in the company of my loved ones and in the presence of the most amazing angels to take care of us. Birthvillage with its midwives is the place where births need to happen.

Prasanth and Remya

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