Here is a beautiful birth story written by Eva.C. Sunder that matches us to the monsoon magic in Kerala now……. We came to Kochi in a bit of a rush. I am 38 weeks pregnant and 3 days. The fact being that my first child was born at 39w+3d, so here we decided to go on the 15th of September 2012 – I, my husband, and eldest son all set – we wanted to be on time to welcome you our little peanut. Both the docs I had met in Bangalore kept on telling me that you would definitely come by last week of September and my last scan showed that you could be here all of a sudden on the 22nd, so here we are… waiting for you in this beautiful land of Kerala. You seem well-rooted inside my belly, and I like it very much. I like you being inside me, I like feeling your movements, and I like being so round. I’m starting to feel a little bit heavy; I know that you’re going to be a nice doll. In the night, you and I are finding our comfort, and we are both resting sweetly peacefully. I know there is a complicity here that no one can take away from us. That’s our secret… It’s a magical relationship where the beats of our hearts are going together in harmony. This is my second pregnancy, and the reason I have come down here is that not only I wanted to go for natural birth in water, but also because I wanted to be in the intimacy of a home, where all of us could participate and welcome you – with your daddy Rahul and your big bro Kishaan. So I’ve found this Natural Birth Center called Birthvillage which provides this kind of services. After 3 weeks, we are still waiting for you… we’ve tried to induce you with all sorts of natural methods… I’m walking around Fort Kochi where we are staying, I’m going to the swimming pool and doing all sorts of squatting, I’m indulging in the arms of your father, and I’m taking a few homeopathic remedies and drinking some herbal juices. I’ve nicely crossed 41 weeks, and relatives are starting to wonder why you’ve still not shown your face. I’m switching off the mobile, I know that all is well and there are no such explanations to give. Soon you’ll be with us. It’s now Sunday night, mid-October, I’m at 42 weeks, and from 11 PM my body has entered into action. I was reading a story to Kishaan and my back started to stretch. I’m calling my hubby to tell him to come back at the earliest; as he went to Bangalore just three days before since we have kept the business on hold. The next plane to Kochi is only now the next morning. If only we could wait till then as I need him by my side. Child of our love may you hear this message to let us all be here. It is 3 AM now, between contractions I have kept on writing my feelings while listening to the Water Girl song by Zakir Hussain, I’m calling my midwife Priyanka. I am still waiting a moment before heading to the center, as my son is sleeping nicely, but now my body is well set with a good rhythm of 4 minutes between each tension. Finally, it is 4.30 AM when I’m reaching BirthVillage. I’m happy to see Priyanka all ready for me. Her cousins are here too: George has filled up the pool with water and Nileena will assist us to take care of my eldest son and to handle the video. So I immediately set up the camera while I still can do it, and I try to put my big boy who’s become hyper back to sleep. We off the lights and I go from lying down next to my boy to lifting up my arms to the sky and stretching my back. Priyanka is a wonder next to me, and her soft presence is a relief as she applied a hot water bag below my belly and hand pressure on my hips. I feel the time is going slowly but I’m comfortable with myself, I go with the flow given by my body. The sun is going to rise soon. I will get idlis for breakfast! It is just past 6 AM and I decide to give a wake-up call to my hubby. The sound of his voice gives me a kick, and even though I would like to manage to get more time till he reaches, Priyanka makes me jump into the water. I am shaky. This is now the pushing phase. As soon as I am getting into the water I just want to push the baby out. I would like to be in control, but I have to let myself open fully like an oyster to release my pearl. I would like to fall into my hubby’s arms but I’m alone with my babies. I’m feeling confused, powerless in the process of giving life. But I’m brave, I’m moaning like a tigress, and at this point, Kishaan knows exactly that he is going to be a big brother. My midwife Kate is attending to me with all her softness and expertise. At the 2nd push, I can see the top of your head. At the 3rd push, Kishaan hesitates whether it is a good thing. I manage to smile at him because yes ‘All is good’ and ‘Oh my God’ at the 4th push you fully slip out of me… and that’s a ‘Wooooaaah’ factor effect. Priyanka catches you up and here you are hot on October 2012 at Birthvillage in Kochi, it is 7.08 AM… my white lotus is born, and in this cycle of life us too we are born thank to you Kairav.

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