What would you do if… If you went into labor and your partner is traveling out of the state AND You are in a country that’s not your own nor do you speak the local language AND You have no relatives or family close to you to speak off other than your older child when birth calls.. Read on what this brave mamma did on June 14th, its 8.30 pm, my two and half-year-old son just falls asleep. My husband is out of town for work, and we already asked the baby to wait for him (the due date is 3d July, but I know the baby won’t wait until there). I start to feel a small pain, and I recognize it. The work starts! I try to count the time, but I can’t, so I download an app, and around 10.30 I call the midwife. Contractions are irregular, so she suggests I wait, and maybe to sleep. But I can’t, I am very excited, and the contractions wake me up every time. They are getting more regular and more intense, and here comes the time when it is every 5 minutes, and so painful that I can’t talk anymore when it happens. I call back in BV, and the midwife tells me to come now. But I am alone at home with my son. I call the neighbors who arrange a taxi. My son wants to stay with me, so he will come and be there with me all night long. I finally reach the center at 3 am, and here starts the big work. I am so glad to have two midwives with me, helping, massaging. The hot water bag really helps me to concentrate on the pain and to let it go. Until now I feel that I handle well. After some time, I feel a change in the contraction, and I ask for the pool. The hot water makes me feel relax. I feel very calm, and I even have a small chat with the midwives. And then I felt another change: it’s time for the last stage, it’s time for pushing. Now the pain is extremely intense, and I start to lose control. Fear is coming; when I break the water bag, I completely freak out: what if I cant? What if something bad happens? Accident? Baby stuck? Again, the midwives help me with a nice massage and nice advice: “you are strong, you can do it, just look at me, the baby is coming”. That really helps me!!! The Baby’s head comes out at 4.50 am. The baby comes just one or two minutes after. I call my son, who laugh, we are so happy. The placenta comes out very easily, and I cut the cord myself. We have 3-4 hours skin to skin with the baby, then a nice herbal bath, a small sleep, and a nice breakfast, and we go back home. I want to express my love and gratitude for the two wonderful women my midwives who are doing the most beautiful job that you can ever dream of: giving life. I felt respected all along with the work, they trusted me and they gave me the confidence to trust in myself, to give life without assistance. Bv notes This birth says just one thing A woman has got to do what she has to do irrespective of whatever the situation she may be in Very educated and aware of her rights this powerful mamma knows her path quite well ..her boy was all smiles when his brother was born and kept chatting to his mamma throughout Dad you were missed but we trust you were with us in spirit We would also like to thank the house owners who quickly brought this mamma and her son to the center in the middle of the night. Congratulations again…

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